How I coped with the reverse culture shock when moving from US to India

Moving To India

Moving to India

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back” – Wendy Wunder

My explorations are no different from the many Indians living in the different time zones across the globe, who hope to return to their hometowns someday. There is a tipping point when the skyscrapers, the flashy life, the robotic routines and the adrenaline rush doesn’t cut it for you any longer.  Then moving back becomes an obsession and we look for avenues that will lead us back. Read More

Identifying Attributes of the Best Packers And Movers

packers and movers

packers and movers

We have all had to be a part of House shifting or office shifting at some time.  You may need to move sometime in the near future, to a city far away, or to some other unseen corner of the earth. You just can’t help it. However, you can be ready with the best packers and movers in-hand should a situation come across. Here’s the list of must-have’s you should look for before shaking hands with any vendors. Read More

Transporting Pet from India to USA

pet transportation

Are you transporting pet from India to USA? Make sure you have done all paper work properly before transporting your pet from India to USA. If paper work is not done properly, your pet may be detained by US quarantine officer, Also the airline will not allow to your pet to board the flight.
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International Moving made Easy

International packers and movers have a pivotal role to play in today’s economically shrinking world. Years before, moving to another country or traveling abroad were rare cases of success or achievable milestones. This scenario has changed over the years. The global economic system changed drastically shrinking the world to a few hour’s flight. Today, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected making international relocations a common case. However, challenges are many that need to be taken care of, otherwise they can turn into herculean tasks later. The list is long. Read More

Intercity Moving Services At It’s Best

intercity moving

Relocations are part of our life, and hey, there’s too much into it. Intercity moving, for sure, is a time-killer, peace-killer or whatever you call it. We all come across it in one or the other walks of our life. And, it’s justified to say that relocations or shiftings are hard, but yeah, we all have to go through the bitter-sweet. That said, how do we do it without the kids having to take a leave from school because the study room or the kitchen is not yet ready. Or, they are tired. Or you need to miss office for the arrangements to be made, as you think taking care of your dear things is not transferal. Above all, the efforts involved can also sweat you into a tiresome dilemma, puzzling you on whom to rely. Or, could you even find packers and movers, for a smooth, seamless intercity moving? The “Answer is Yes.” Read More

How To Move Senior Citizens

How To Move Senior Citizens

Whether you’re moving friends or family, relocating senior citizens to a new country or even a new home can be difficult. As depicted comically in the heartwarming movie Up, the elderly are not exactly fond of change. And when they are, they will have many issues along the way. But just like anybody else, all they need is to be understood. It starts with communication, planning, and a whole lotta listening.

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Moving with Kids – Seven Simple Ways to Prepare Yourself and the Kids for the Big Move

                             Happy parents carrying son on armchair in new house

                             Happy parents carrying son on armchair in new house

“HOME! Take me home!” cries Billy, struggling to speak coherently amidst a waterfall of tears. “I wanna go hooooome”, he wails, hoping his parents finally give in and take him back to the only place he knew and wanted as home. The place he had lived in, until the day before.

We are home, buddy,” Billy’s dad says, hoping to cheer the poor boy up. “See, here are your toys, here’s Mr. Dino, and here is…”

“No. No. Nooo! This is not home. I want to go hoooome!” Read More

What are Relocation Services and why do you need them?


Imagine having to relocate life as you know it, and starting afresh in a place you’ve never been before. That too without any professional assistance. Sounds challenging doesn’t it? Corporate employees face this everyday.

Relocation Services has come a long way over the years. Traditionally, a corporate HR team took care of their staff’s (transferee) relocation. But with the onset of globalization, the need for an exclusive relocation specialist has become quite apparent. Nowadays, corporations outsource transferee’s relocations entirely to a Relocation Companies — usually aiding them with essential details.

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