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International Moving made Easy

International packers and movers have a pivotal role to play in today’s economically shrinking world. Years before, moving to another country or traveling abroad were rare cases of success or achievable milestones. This scenario has changed over the years. The global economic system changed drastically shrinking the world to a few hour’s flight. Today, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected making international relocations a common case. However, challenges are many that need to be taken care of, otherwise they can turn into herculean tasks later. The list is long. Read More

Moving with Kids – Seven Simple Ways to Prepare Yourself and the Kids for the Big Move

                             Happy parents carrying son on armchair in new house

                             Happy parents carrying son on armchair in new house

“HOME! Take me home!” cries Billy, struggling to speak coherently amidst a waterfall of tears. “I wanna go hooooome”, he wails, hoping his parents finally give in and take him back to the only place he knew and wanted as home. The place he had lived in, until the day before.

We are home, buddy,” Billy’s dad says, hoping to cheer the poor boy up. “See, here are your toys, here’s Mr. Dino, and here is…”

“No. No. Nooo! This is not home. I want to go hoooome!” Read More

Elements of a 360 Degree International Relocation


International relocation is a project that should be undertaken in many continuous steps. So it only makes sense to divide it into series of small tasks, from the beginning to the end, to create and manage a process that may take weeks, and sometimes months to finish. These small tasks are further divided into smaller, more articulate processes. By creating a checklist, we bring clarity into the process, and ensure that nothing is forgotten in between. Read More