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Transporting Pet from India to USA

pet transportation

Are you transporting pet from India to USA? Make sure you have done all paper work properly before transporting your pet from India to USA. If paper work is not done properly, your pet may be detained by US quarantine officer, Also the airline will not allow to your pet to board the flight.
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A Guide to International Pet Relocation


Pets, like humans are members of the family and have requirements, that need to be considered when planning an international pet relocation. The international pet relocation should be carried out in a smooth, secure, and timely manner to facilitate easy assimilation into the new environment. Unlike humans, animals need more time to adapt to a new place. Remember, it is the pet owner making the decisions, not the animal. The pet relocation has to be done with care so as to avoid a frightful experience for the pet.

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Remarkable Pet Relocations: The Story of Sammy and Chiquita’s Relocation

Pet Relocation

Pet Moving

A loving, hard-working couple. A beautiful home. Two wonderful pets. The perfect Spanish life. Then, a life-changing career opportunity. Relocation to a different continent. Crises during pet relocation. And the prospect of leaving the pets behind. Forever.

Sounds like the plot of a movie, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. This is the real life story of a Spanish couple relocating to India, and their gorgeous pets — Sammy and Chiquita.

The picture-perfect happy family was looking forward to living and working in India. But fate seemed to have other plans. While purchasing tickets, the couple learned that their ‘children’ Sammy and Chiquita could only fly with a pet import NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Animal Quarantine & Certification Services. The trouble was, they didn’t have that kind of time.

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International Pet Relocation from India

International pet relocation can be tricky. Make sure all paperwork is completed before the pet relocation. If the paperwork is not done properly, the airline may not allow your pet to be boarded or the pet can even be detained by quarantine officers at destination.

Below mentioned documents are mandatory for International Pet Relocation from India

  • Blood tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchips for identification
  • Health certificates or “Certificates of Veterinary Inspection”

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