Packing and Moving Household Goods to USA

packing and moving household goods to usa


Packing and Moving household goods to USA is suggested if you are going to relocate for a long term assignment. If you are relocating to USA for deputation, you have three options:

You can transport household goods to USA by two mode:

The first option is to pack and move your household goods as an air shipment or air cargo. Air Shipment is recommended –

  • If the weight and volume of goods is less
  • If you are in urgent need of the goods
  • If you have any items which can perish

The second option is to pack and move your household goods as sea shipment or sea cargo. Sea Shipment is recommended –

  • If weight and volume is high
  • If you have fragile items
  • If you are not in urgent need of goods
  • If you want to save costs
  • If you want to share a container

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