Elements of a 360 Degree International Relocation


International relocation is a project that should be undertaken in many continuous steps. So it only makes sense to divide it into series of small tasks, from the beginning to the end, to create and manage a process that may take weeks, and sometimes months to finish. These small tasks are further divided into smaller, more articulate processes. By creating a checklist, we bring clarity into the process, and ensure that nothing is forgotten in between. Read More

Moving Fully Populated Server Racks During Data Center Relocation


Server racks are at the core of any IT hub. Data centers — where servers are stored, — are used for fast internet connectivity and non-stop data access. It allows a company to deploy their systems and maintain a constant internet presence. Servers are thus crucial for the day-to-day functioning of most companies.

Companies that undergo data center relocations often do so solely with their own understanding of the process. If company technicians and IT crew are unaware of the proper dismantling and handling of servers, they are liable to get hurt. Additionally, the hardware too may suffer physical damage.

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A Guide to International Pet Relocation


Pets, like humans are members of the family and have requirements, that need to be considered when planning an international pet relocation. The international pet relocation should be carried out in a smooth, secure, and timely manner to facilitate easy assimilation into the new environment. Unlike humans, animals need more time to adapt to a new place. Remember, it is the pet owner making the decisions, not the animal. The pet relocation has to be done with care so as to avoid a frightful experience for the pet.

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Startup India – A Guide to the New Startup India Policy


India – in a glorious history exceeding 10,000 years – has been different things for different people.

For inhabitants of the Old World, it was home to the Indus Valley Civilization. For people from first millennium CE, it was the wealthiest, most populous region of the world. For people of the Hindu, Jain, Sikh, and Buddhist faiths, it’s the place their religion was born. The list is long!

But what can India be for you? Let’s consider the options: Read More

Do not Ship list


The Do-Not-Ship List

Your comprehensive guide on what NOT to pack during national or international moving

Taking the DIY route to packing is a great way to avoid costs during national or international moving. However, becoming your own packers and movers is not easy. For starters, you need to be absolutely sure of two vital things — what to pack, and more importantly, what not to pack.

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Move Clutter Free


“The more things you own. The more they own you”

In a world of materialism, decluttering comes as a wave of much needed relief. Simply put, it is the art of doing away with unnecessary items, goods, and possessions.

Why Declutter?

The space you live in or occupy is one of utmost importance. Apart from reflecting your personality, it has a bearing on your mood and emotions. In an era of busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, clearing out space can get difficult. Relocation is therefore probably the best time to declutter. Here are persuasive reasons on why you should declutter, before international packers and movers step in to help you relocate.

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How to adjust and settle quickly in India

The Foreigner’s Guide to Settling in India Quickly and Comfortably

 Red model of house as symbol on sunny background

Red model of house as symbol on sunny background

Obsessing about your upcoming relocation to India? Here’s a suggestion – stop. No seriously. It’s going to be great.

Agreed, international moving – uprooting life as you know it to start over again in a new country – is no piece of cake. But it is no pain in the neck either. Especially not when you’re relocating to a country like India!

Wait but, why? Isn’t India a poor, hot, and crowded country?

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Three easy steps to Stress free moving

                         A happy family of five sitting outside their garden with their loving pet.

                          A happy family of five sitting outside their garden with their loving pet.

Three Simple Steps to Executing an Easy, Stress-Free Move

The decision to move, to leave people and places behind, is huge. And huge are its implications. This is why relocation or moving tops the list as one of the most stressful events in life. No kidding! It stands at number three, right behind death and divorce. Who would have thought?

All the packing and unpacking, those goodbyes, the stress — it’s a nightmare! And there’s no escaping the dreaded event either. Statistics from the US Census Bureau reveal that the average person moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. Chances are, you will too. A couple of times at least. Read More

Remarkable Pet Relocations: The Story of Sammy and Chiquita’s Relocation

Pet Relocation

Pet Moving

A loving, hard-working couple. A beautiful home. Two wonderful pets. The perfect Spanish life. Then, a life-changing career opportunity. Relocation to a different continent. Crises during pet relocation. And the prospect of leaving the pets behind. Forever.

Sounds like the plot of a movie, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. This is the real life story of a Spanish couple relocating to India, and their gorgeous pets — Sammy and Chiquita.

The picture-perfect happy family was looking forward to living and working in India. But fate seemed to have other plans. While purchasing tickets, the couple learned that their ‘children’ Sammy and Chiquita could only fly with a pet import NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Animal Quarantine & Certification Services. The trouble was, they didn’t have that kind of time.

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International Pet Relocation from India

International pet relocation can be tricky. Make sure all paperwork is completed before the pet relocation. If the paperwork is not done properly, the airline may not allow your pet to be boarded or the pet can even be detained by quarantine officers at destination.

Below mentioned documents are mandatory for International Pet Relocation from India

  • Blood tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchips for identification
  • Health certificates or “Certificates of Veterinary Inspection”

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