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How to adjust and settle quickly in India

The Foreigner’s Guide to Settling in India Quickly and Comfortably

 Red model of house as symbol on sunny background

Red model of house as symbol on sunny background

Obsessing about your upcoming relocation to India? Here’s a suggestion – stop. No seriously. It’s going to be great.

Agreed, international moving – uprooting life as you know it to start over again in a new country – is no piece of cake. But it is no pain in the neck either. Especially not when you’re relocating to a country like India!

Wait but, why? Isn’t India a poor, hot, and crowded country?

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Challenges Faced By Expats When Moving To India

Moving to India, Shipping to India“The most beautiful country in the world.” – Anonymous

A common concern among expats when moving to India is that they don’t know what to expect in the new country. Is working in India going to be same as back home? Who to contact for visa and immigration queries? Will the expat family be comfortable? How easy is the school finding process?

In addition to these queries, there are many other misconceptions that hinder foreigners from making the right decisions. Expats think that home finding in India is easy — living costs are expected to be quite low due to the country’s ‘developing’ status.

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