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If you are planning to move overseas, it is crucial to make a wise decision when selecting International Packers and Movers. Globe Moving, a reputable and trusted name in the Indian moving industry, holds the position of a leading international packer and mover with a remarkable 52 years of experience. Our exceptional credibility is validated by the prestigious FIDI FAIMPLUS accreditation and a global network that extends to over 170 countries. When it comes to the international relocation of your household goods, Globe Moving becomes an evident top choice. We meticulously manage and coordinate every aspect of the move, leaving no room for chance, and ensuring a smooth transition from start to finish.

Our International Moving Services include:
  • Pre-Move Survey:
    Our team of expert international moving consultants will conduct a pre-move survey to assess the volume and weight of items to be moved. They also understand your individual needs and concerns to prepare a personalized service offering.
  • Virtual survey for international moving:
    For smaller volume or weight shipments, we also offer virtual survey services allowing customers to receive accurate quotes for their international moves without the need for an in-person visit. Through video chat and other digital platforms, we assess the items to be moved and provide a detailed estimate, making the process more convenient and efficient for our customers.
  • Moving Tips for International Moving:
    At Globe Moving, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our customers have a smooth and stress-free international move. That's why we provide useful moving tips to our customers to help them prepare and plan for their international move, making the process as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Carton delivery in advance:
    If required we deliver cartons in advance to our customers. This is a convenient way for you to sort and segregate your items before the movers arrive. Our sturdy and durable cartons are available in various sizes and quantities to suit your needs, and we'll deliver them right to your doorstep.
  • Dedicated Move Coordinator for International moving:
    Our dedicated move coordinator will work closely with you to oversee every aspect of your international move. They will be single point of contact throughout the entire process, from documentation to customs clearance and to the final delivery, ensuring that all your needs are met and any issues are promptly addressed. With a dedicated move coordinator on your side, you can rest assured that your move will be handled smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
  • Professional packing for international moving:
    At Globe Moving, we take pride in our professional international packing services. Our highly trained and trusted crew use only the best export-quality packing materials and time-tested techniques. We ensure your belongings are packed securely and safely even in the toughest conditions of your international move. With our years of experience, we understand the importance of protecting your valuables during the international moving process, and our commitment to using top-notch packing materials and techniques reflects this understanding.
  • Wooden crating for fragile articles:
    We offer wooden crating services for delicate items for fragile and delicate items like marble tops, glass tops, paintings etc. We also prepare Air/ Seaworthy plywood boxes & liftvans for extra protection to ensure their safety during the international move.
  • Expert Supervision:
    Our team with an English-speaking supervisor will supervise the entire international moving process, prepare a detailed inventory noting the make and serial numbers of electronic items, and coordinate the move to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  • Marking and Labelling for International moving:
    We take great care to ensure that the right items are packed and moved to the right place. Our team understands how important it is to know where your belongings are during a move, which is why we use a time-tested marking and labelling system to keep track of everything. This attention to detail means that you'll be able to easily find the items you need when you arrive at your new home, reducing the stress and hassle of unpacking.
  • Arranging insurance for international moving:
    We arrange International US Dollar insurance from reputed international insurance companies to ensure that your belongings are covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances. You may also be pleased to know that Globe Moving has one of the lowest insurance claims ratios in the industry. This is a testament to the high quality of our international packing and moving services and should provide you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Customs Clearance:
    We take care of all the export documentation and customs formalities involved in international shipping. Our team will also assist with import clearance at the destination. We also guide our customers on the do’s and don’ts when shipping internationally.
  • International Shipping by Air and Sea:
    We offer international shipping by air for high-priority or small consignments and by ship through shipping containers for larger consignments. We carefully select the air or sea shipping carrier to ensure the shortest and safest transit.
  • Tracking and Transit Details:
    We track your consignment and provide transit details to the destination moving partners to ensure that your items reach their destination safely and on time.
  • Unpacking and Set-Up:
    Our team will deliver, unpack, and set up your home at the destination. We also offer debris removal to ensure that your new home is clean.
  • Handyman services:
    We offer handyman services like carpenter, plumber, electrician and home cleaning or maid services to help you settle into your new home.
  • Short and long-term Storage Services:
    We also provide safe and secure storage facilities if you need temporary storage for your goods in transit. We also offer pocket-friendly long-term storage options in case you want to store your goods for a longer period.
  • Relocation services:
    We provide a range of relocation services, including temporary housing, home search, school search, city orientation, and destination services. These services will help you settle down faster in your new city.
We perfectly co-ordinate all aspects of the international move from start to finish, leaving nothing to chance. At Globe Moving, we strive to provide you with reliable international packing and moving services that you can rely on. Contact us today to experience a stress-free international move.
You can call Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd, at least 6-8 weeks prior to the move. This way we can plan your move better to make it a smooth one.

Usually not more than an hour

We conduct a pre-move survey for the following reasons To Inspect your goods, Understand your needs, Identify delicate & valuable articles, Take measurements to calculate the volume of the goods, Assess manpower and materials requirements, Check facilities for loading, parking, movement of vehicles, etc. During the survey Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd will also explain the moving process, clear your apprehensions, advise you appropriate means of transport, schedule dates for packing & moving and most importantly help you plan your move more effectively

Identify, the goods in your house and decide the articles you intend carrying, storing, donating, leaving behind etc.

Show all the items you intend carrying to the surveyor. This helps us in making a better and more accurate estimate. Let us know about your special needs or areas of concern. Ask as many questions and clear all your doubts, however simple they may be. Make sure you give the same brief to all the moving companies surveying your goods

When the goods leave India, your goods will be physically opened & examined. Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd will safely repack these goods for you. At destination, depending upon the country you are moving to, your goods may or may not be physically examined. In Europe & America, generally customs formalities mean only documentation. However, sometimes, random checks are done on personal effects. In such cases there will be an physical examination fee which is billed at cost. In other countries, generally your goods will be physically examined.

You can do this, but be aware of the potential problems. For instance, insurance companies will not pay out on goods packed by their owner. Also, Customs officials will almost certainly target goods that you have packed like locked suitcases. If you really must pack some of your goods, leave the cartons unsealed so that the Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd packing crew can inspect the contents, seal the cartons and make a note in the inventory.

Every home is different but for a 2000 sq ft of household effects between two and three days are needed for packing. This is based on a crew of three or four persons. If timing is important, let us know about your requirements and Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd will coordinate the move accordingly.

Generally speaking, you can take most of the personal stuff like clothes, books, curios, utensils, pictures etc. However, all flammable items, liquids, perishable foods and other items that can deteriorate should not be shipped. Think carefully about alcohol & electrical goods. They may attract heavy duty and the electrical goods may not be compatible. Contact Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd if you require more information about the customs regulations of the country you are moving to.

Well, mainly those things you might expect ? Antiques, drugs, alcohol (in some countries), weapons, ammunition, explosives, Ivory, animal skins, Sandalwood, pornography, Gold, Silver etc

We at Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd use quality packing materials and experienced crews to pack your goods. But this journey may be covering thousands of miles, experiencing different weather conditions, wide variations of temperature, and several forms of handling. The forces of nature and physics that a shipment has to undergo are unimaginable unless you?ve seen a freight ship go through an Atlantic swell with 60-ft waves washing over its cargo of shipping containers. So, Insurance is definitely a must and is really a bargain.

There are different kinds of insurance packages available like Indian Insurance, US Dollar Insurance, Declared value coverage, Replaceable value coverage etc. Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd can give you additional information if required.

In general, you should think about what it would cost to replace your goods. When completing your insurance value, please be as detailed as possible. Remember to mark down all individual items that have a high replacement cost. It?s better to have too much information than not enough in this instance. If you have any questions relating to the coverage, contact Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd

To ship your personal effects, we require copy of your Passport, Air-Ticket and destination delivery address. Besides this we will also require an Invoice & Packing List, Customs Declaration, which will be prepared by us and must be signed by you.

Yes, goods can be sent prior to your departure provided certain Customs bond is provided. Please check with us for further details.

The goods are taken to our warehouse, crates or liftvans will be made as per your requirements. Once the documentation is complete the goods will be moved to either to a sea port or airport for customs examination, repacked and they will be put onto the next available ship or flight.

Generally by Air, allow up to 14 days door-to-door. By sea, it depends where you are going but a reasonable estimate for Europe is 6 weeks, USA ? 8/10 weeks and Australia ? 5/7 weeks. If you are talking about remote areas, it will take longer.

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6 Easy Steps to a
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International Moving
International Moving
International Moving
International Moving
How It Works

6 Easy Steps to a Successful Relocation

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“This has been the best packing experience we had in 35 years, Everyone very efficient, professional and carried out the task within time with a big smile.”
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Client’s Testimonials

Celebrating smiles across miles: Feedback from our satisfied customers