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Relocate Your Workforce with Confidence - Our Corporate Relocation Services Have Got You Covered.

As a corporate decision-maker, we understand that relocating your workforce can be a challenging task. However, with Globe Moving, you can leave the worries behind. We have been a leading provider of relocation services for over 52 years and have become a trusted name in the industry. Our team of relocation consultants has extensive experience in domestic and international relocation services, and we understand the complexities involved in relocating your employees.

Our consultants know the ground realities of the new city better than many, and they will help your employees transition smoothly into their new environment without any stress or impediments. Our move managers are dedicated to ensuring a seamless relocation experience for your employees, acting as guides, friends, and well-wishers. We understand that your employees need to feel comfortable and settled in their new surroundings, and our consultants are committed to providing personalized relocation services tailored to their unique needs.

At Globe Moving, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to cater to the needs of our corporate clients. Our comprehensive range of relocation services includes:
  • Relocation Consulting:
    We offer expert advice on the best ways to manage corporate relocations. We work with companies to create policies and programs that support the needs of their employees, and we offer guidance on everything from budgeting to cultural training.

  • Immigration Services:
    Our team of relocation consultants are experienced in handling all your immigration needs, including visa assistance, work permits, and other necessary documentation.

  • Airport Pickups:
    We offer airport pickups to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free arrival for your employees and their families after a long flight.

  • Preview Trip:
    Our preview trip service is designed to help your employees get a feel of their new city before the final move. We will arrange their accommodation, transportation, and other necessary arrangements to make the trip as informative and productive as possible.

  • Orientation Tour:
    Our orientation tour of the new city provides an in-depth introduction to the local customs, culture, and places of interest, helping your employees and their families settle into their new environment more quickly and comfortably.

  • Temporary Housing:
    We can arrange temporary accommodation for your employees and their families until they find a permanent home that meets their unique requirements.

  • Home Search:
    Our home search service is tailored to match your employees' preferred location, budget, and other factors to find them a perfect home that fits their needs.

  • School Search: 
    We understand how important it is to find the right school for your employees' children, which is why we offer a school search service to help them find the best schools in their new city.

  • Ongoing Support and Tenancy Management:
    Our ongoing support services include tenancy management, lease renewals, and maintenance assistance to ensure a hassle-free stay in the new home for your employees.

  • Cross-Cultural Training:
    Our cross-cultural training program is designed to help your employees and their families adapt to the new environment and culture, ensuring a smoother transition and faster productivity.

  • Departure Services:
    When it's time to move on, our departure services will ensure a smooth and stress-free exit from their current location
At Globe Moving, we strive to make your relocation as stress-free and smooth as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our relocation services and how we can help you with your next move.
We always suggest a gated community, taking into consideration the safety measures that best go with relocating families. Additionally, gated communities assure around-the-clock availability of power, water, and other requirements of emergencies. Globe RELO’s Pan-Indian network of real estate owners and brokers helps you find suitable homes of your choice.
Yes! There are many safe options for single women. Gated communities, flats, villas and many more are available in plenty. You can also go for a personal choice of living space in each of them which comes with additional costs. Globe RELO can arrange for safer places that also cater to your customized needs.
Usually, pets are not allowed in Indian apartments with regards to the safety and hygienic concerns of fellow members. But, if favourable conditions exist, owners do allow pets to accompany your living space. Most of the luxury apartments and villas do allow pets without any questions.
Not all of them. Stand-alone apartments, luxury villas, and premium flats do offer these facilities. Based on budgets, their degree of offerings, standard, and comforts do vary to a large extent. Most of the gated communities in India has a gym, swimming pools, and children’s play area in them. Globe RELO has connections with premium living space providers to help you with the best choice.
As like in any other place, there are a lot of factors that any transferee need to gaze through before renting an apartment. Connectivity, location, safety, un-uninterrupted power supply, and round-the-clock water availability are some of them to name a few. It’s also advisable to carefully go through the terms and conditions before signing any deals with anyone. Globe RELO knows the edge and slice of your city to help you pick the best.
It greatly varies according to the location, amenities offered, connectivity benefits, and above all, the owners. There are no set rules to decide rent for apartments as of now. You can find different rent patterns for apartments across the same street that appears the same. Globe RELO’s expertise in the field offers you the best deals for your budget.
As per market norms, it’s 10-month rent demanded as a security deposit, which is refundable while vacating. However, unwritten laws prevail. There are a lot of property owners who take 3-5 month’s rent as deposit money. Again, it solely depends on the owners and their will to do so.
It is always advisable to contact a service provider 30 to 45 days in advance. Doing so before a relocation provides time in between to discuss your requirements, special needs, owner’s demands, conditions and whatever else that matters. Globe RELO has always listened to our client’s customized needs to show them up in the homes we delivered.
There are no issues with cooking whatever food you want of your choice. However, it depends on the locality. It is always better to opt for a place with neutral cultures. Globe RELO knows the cultural diversity of your city to guide you better in this regard.
Not in all of them. But, most of the gated communities and premium flats have day-night security and other safety measures to the best possible extents.
To be honest, no. Many of the cities’ suburbs have connectivity issues, commercial shortcomings, and lack of reachability such as Uber, online food services, and many others. But, if you can manage own transport and plan your shopping well, suburbs can be a good choice as it keeps you out of the city’s chaos. Globe RELO deals a lot with such facility providers in the suburbs.
No. Most of the apartments are semi-furnished, which means they have lights, fans, water heaters, and wardrobes. Fully furnished apartments are available with additional costs. Contact Globe RELO for more details.
Generally, in gated communities and premium flats, one or two parking slots are available. Most of the villas and independent apartments do have the same number of parking slots in them.
No, not in degrees to worry. There can be differences in the terms and conditions as per your marital status/partner preferences with different owners. However, there are additional requirements regarding documentation, ID proofs, and applied terms and conditions. Globe RELO can help you with all the work that goes on behind the screens.
It’s mandatory to submit any of your photo ID as documents for proof. Passport and driving license are the commonly produced ID proofs by expats.
Yes. The payments usually are 1-2 months of the rent amount.
Yes, apart from paying the rent, tenants are expected to pay for move in/out charges, maintenance charges, and gardeners if there are any. Current bills and water charges are applicable as per the terms and conditions that you sign with the owners.
Not in all of them. However, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters are available on-demand in almost all apartments and villas.
The usual term period for lease in India is 11 months.
There are two methods of renting and leasing in India. One is to pay 1-year rent in advance, or, the other way is to pay rent after/before each month. Usually, paying rent for each month is the prominently practiced method in India.
Yes, but very few of them. In such cases, additional costs accompany that can range from fat-amounts of money. If you want the facility, you can ask your service provider to look for living spaces with quarters for domestic help. Globe RELO has arranged for such requirements in the past.
It’s easy to find 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in any part of the city. 4-bedroom apartments are rare, and 5-bedroom apartments are hard to find.
Only a few of them have concierge services. There are posh villas and premium gated communities that do offer concierge services. Contact Globe RELO to know more in detail.
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6 Easy Steps to a
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Relocation Services
Relocation Services
Relocation Services
Relocation Services
How It Works

6 Easy Steps to a Successful Relocation

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Client’s Testimonials

Celebrating smiles across miles: Feedback from our satisfied customers