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At Globe Moving, we understand that moving within your city or town can be just as stressful as an intercity move. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of intracity moving services to ensure a hassle-free move. With over 52 years of experience in the moving industry, we have the expertise to make your local move a success.

Here are some of the local shifting services we offer:
  • Pre-move survey for local moving:
    Our team will conduct a pre-move survey to assess your local moving requirements and plan the move accordingly.
  • Virtual survey for local moving:
    We also offer virtual survey services allowing customers to receive accurate quotes for their local moves without the need for an in-person visit. Through video chat or other digital platforms, we assess the items to be moved and provide a detailed estimate, making the process more convenient and efficient for customers.
  • Moving Tips for local moving:
    At Globe Moving, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our customers have a smooth and stress-free local move. That's why we provide useful moving tips to our customers to help them prepare and plan for their local move, making the process as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Carton delivery in advance:
    If required we deliver cartons in advance to our customers. This is a convenient way for you to sort and segregate your items before the movers arrive. Our sturdy and durable cartons are available in various sizes and quantities to suit your needs, and we'll deliver them right to your doorstep.
  • Dedicated Move Coordinator for local moving:
    Our dedicated move coordinator will work closely with you to oversee every aspect of your move. They will be a single point of contact throughout the entire process, ensuring that all your needs are met and any issues are promptly addressed. With a dedicated move coordinator on your side, you can rest assured that your move will be handled smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
  • Professional packing for local moving:
    At Globe Moving, we take pride in our professional packing services. Our highly trained and trusted crew use only the best packing materials and time-tested techniques to ensure your belongings are packed securely and safely. We understand the importance of protecting your valuables during the moving process, and our commitment to using top-notch packing materials and techniques reflects this understanding.
  • Sustainable Packing Options for local moving:
    For customers concerned about sustainability, we also offer eco-friendly moving, thereby reducing waste and minimizing your carbon footprint. Materials such as blankets, recycled paper, biodegradable material, and reusable moving boxes can protect your belongings while also being kind to the environment.
  • Wooden crating for fragile articles:
    We offer wooden crating services for delicate items for fragile and delicate items like marble tops, glass tops, paintings etc. to ensure their safety during the local move.
  • Handling religious and scared items:
    At Globe Moving, we understand the importance of respecting our customers' religious sentiments, especially when handling pooja and sacred items. Our team is trained to handle these items with the utmost care and respect, and we take special precautions to ensure they are not damaged during the move. We also make sure to wash our hands before handling these items to maintain their sanctity and cleanliness. Our goal is to provide a stress-free move while also respecting our customers' cultural and religious beliefs.
  • Expert Supervision:
    Our team will supervise the entire local relocation process, mark the items, prepare inventory if required, and coordinate the move to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  • Marking and Labelling for local moving:
    We take great care to ensure that the right items are packed and moved to the right place. Our team understands how important it is to know where your belongings are during a move, which is why we use a time-tested marking and labelling system to keep track of everything. This attention to detail means that you'll be able to easily find the items you need when you arrive at your new home, reducing the stress and hassle of unpacking.
  • Arranging insurance for local moving:
    Damages can occur at any time even if the distance is short. Hence we arrange insurance for your belongings to ensure that you are covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances. You may also be pleased to know that Globe Moving has one of the lowest insurance claims ratios in the industry. This is a testament to the high quality of our packing and moving services and should provide you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Delivery and unpacking:
    We will deliver your belongings to your new destination, unpack them, and set up your home according to your specifications. We also remove all packing debris after the local move.
  • Handyman services:
    We offer handyman services like carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc., to help you settle into your new home.
  • Temporary and long-term storage:
    We can provide safe and secure storage facilities if you need temporary storage for your goods in transit. We also offer pocket-friendly long-term storage options in case you want to store your goods for longer period.

Ready to make your local move stress-free and efficient? Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive local relocation services. With our team of experts on your side, you can relax knowing that your move is in good hands. Don't wait – contact us now to get started!

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Local Moving
Local Moving
Local Moving
Local Moving
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“This has been the best packing experience we had in 35 years, Everyone very efficient, professional and carried out the task within time with a big smile.”
Ms Avanthika Gupta
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“Thank you very much for your support, You are doing great job to achieve fast and safe delivery.”
Kosei Sunada
“We have had a very good experience with Globe Moving. The team did a very good job and have been extremely supportive throughout. It was quite a task to move within the night with all SEZ restrictions….. But all this was very well coordinated and executed.”
Sheetal Terkar
Senior buyer - Seagate Technology
Client’s Testimonials

Celebrating smiles across miles: Feedback from our satisfied customers