Why choose Globe Moving for household goods storage?

Why choose Globe Moving for household goods storage?

There are many instances where people need assistance with household goods storage. It could be due to ongoing construction in their new home, delays in transit, or even international relocation.

People looking at de-cluttering their homes and those who use seasonal furniture can also benefit from a dedicated space for household goods storage. Whatever be the instance, it’s advised to use professional packers and movers for the same.

Different goods require different types of packing. Improperly packed and stored goods can get damaged if exposed to moisture and extreme dryness. However, professionally managed warehouses and climate-controlled storage facilities ensure protection from natural wear and tear even during long term storage.

Using the right storage space too can help individuals avoid additional expenditures.

Traditionally, only large corporations have made use of warehouses or storage facilities to store household goods for transferring employees. Household goods storage options for individuals and families were largely unknown.

The scenario, however, is changing fast as even homeowners now have various household goods storage options that they may avail.

A person moving abroad may require household goods storage in two scenarios:

1) When their project allowance doesn’t cover the costs of relocating household goods or

2) When the new home they’re moving into is pre-furnished.

In situations like this, it is important to make long-term household goods storage arrangements for one’s own goods. If storage is only required for a few days Individuals can make use of either short-term storage or storage-in-transit.

Here are a few things to remember to avoid major storage hassles:

    • Choose the warehouse or storage facility carefully

Also, choose only a professional packer and mover who has a professionally managed warehouse for household goods storage. Visit the warehouse if possible.

    • Ensure proper packing of the goods

Goods are liable to be damaged if packed incorrectly. The type of packing material used has a tremendous impact on the safety of goods in storage.

    • Make an inventory

Make a detailed package wise inventory of all goods being packed. Count the number of items if goods are of high value. Photograph the goods if required before packing the goods.

    • Safety

Ensure the warehouse where you are storing the goods is safe and secure.

    • Plan storage for easy access

Accessibility is a crucial factor while storing goods. If you want to quickly or regularly access some items which are in storage, firstly mark and label the packages for easy identification and secondly store them in a way they can be easily retrieved and replaced.

    • Insurance and security

Although packers and movers usually provide insurance and security, it is advised to double-check. Dealing with loss and damage to goods can be burdensome without adequate provisions for the same.

At Globe Moving, we as one of the leading Packers and Movers in India, provide world-class storage facilities to customers. Our state-of-the-art services are convenient, safe, and affordable:

    • Packing: We professionally pack all the goods at your residence

    • Inventory: We prepare a detailed inventory of the goods being packed

    • Storage space as required. We provide storage space as per your requirements whether small or large.

    • Types of storage: We store goods in large plywood lift vans for long-term storage and on wooden pallets for storage-in-transit.

    • Periodic audits: We conduct regular checks of all stored goods.

    • Insurance: We arrange insurance for the household goods stored with us.

    • 24×7 security: Our warehouses and storage facilities have 24/7 security and CCTV.

    • Temperature-controlled facilities: We provide a temperature-controlled facility for items that are sensitive to humidity and changing weather conditions.

    • Flexible storage period: There is no minimum storage period, you can store for a few days or few years.

Whatever the storage need, choose Globe Moving as your preferred choice of Packers and Movers. With our reliable support, individuals can now tackle household goods storage with ease.

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