Remarkable Pet Relocations: The Story of Sammy and Chiquita’s Relocation

Remarkable Pet Relocations: The Story of Sammy and Chiquita’s Relocation

A loving, hard-working couple. A beautiful home. Two wonderful pets. The perfect Spanish life. Then, a life-changing career opportunity. Relocation to a different continent. Crises during pet relocation. And the prospect of leaving the pets behind. Forever.

Sounds like the plot of a movie, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. This is the real-life story of a Spanish couple relocating to India, and their gorgeous pets — Sammy and Chiquita.

The picture-perfect happy family was looking forward to living and working in India. But fate seemed to have other plans. While purchasing tickets, the couple learned that their ‘children’ Sammy and Chiquita could only fly with a pet import NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Animal Quarantine & Certification Services. The trouble was, they didn’t have that kind of time.

Perplexed and deeply worried, the couple considered their options – 1) postpone travel until they’ve obtained a pet import NOC, or 2) leave the pets behind until they’ve arranged for a friend to obtain the required NOC. Neither option seemed viable: they could not postpone the date of travel, and they would not leave their pets behind.

Enter the pet relocation specialist: Globe Moving

It was crunch time for the couple when they got in touch with us. They wanted to know if it was possible to accelerate the process and ensure, no matter what, that Sammy and Chiquita got to fly with them. Our answer was yes.

How were we so sure, you may ask. Well, because we have done this before. The process of obtaining a pet import NOC typically takes a few days to complete. However, thanks to over four decades of experience in pet relocation, we navigate the process with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Over the years, we’ve established several strategic partnerships across the globe and have built top-notch teams in all destinations we serve.

To help the ‘parents’ of Sammy and Chiquita with pet relocation; our teams in Spain and India took center stage. Our pet relocation specialists moved fast to obtain a pet import NOC for Sammy and Chiquita from the Ministerio de Agricultura. All veterinary and travel documents were then arranged swiftly and reviewed for compliance.

With our pet relocation specialists in India working in tandem with the team in Spain, we secured a pet import NOC from the Indian Authorities simultaneously to ensure we were fully equipped to receive the pets in India.

Our pet relocation specialists were with the family every step of the way. Sammy and Chiquita were transported in a state-of-the-art pet travel crate and were allowed comfort stopovers. This ensured that they did not suffer any panic or separation anxiety during the transfer. And that’s the story of how we helped a lovely couple who had lost all hope of relocating their pets along with them to their new destination.

Navigate the complexities of pet relocation with Globe Moving

Relocation is seldom easy. But the stakes are higher when it involves pet relocation too. From the paperwork to the practical work – there are many things that can go wrong. Choosing the right pet relocation company is therefore paramount.

Globe Moving provides end-to-end pet relocation services – from consultation on relocation requirements and obtaining a pet import NOC to the procurement of a comfortable pet travel crate and the actual pet boarding or pet relocation– that can ease this taxing process for you and your pets.

  • The strategic partnerships that we have built across industry horizontals allow us to coordinate flawlessly between authorities and vendors.
  • Our deep domain expertise and the wisdom that comes from an experience exceeding four decades make us an industry leader.
  • Our deep concern for animal welfare makes us the leader you can trust. You’ll be happy to know that the pet moving staff at Globe Moving comprises of animal lovers who have pets of their own!
  • And finally, our affordable rates provide an added advantage.

Anticipating a move any time soon? Be sure to check out the comprehensive suite of pet relocation services that await you at Globe Moving.

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