How to Adjust and Settle Quickly in India

The Foreigner’s Guide to Settling in India Quickly and Comfortably

Obsessing about your upcoming relocation to India? Here’s a suggestion – stop. No seriously. It’s going to be great.

Agreed, international moving – uprooting life as you know it to start over again in a new country – is no piece of cake. But it is no pain in the neck either. Especially not when you’re relocating to a country like India!

Wait but, why? Isn’t India a poor, hot, and crowded country?

Crowded, maybe. There’s no denying that India is the land of 1.2 billion people. But hot and poor? Certainly not! These are only myths about India.

a) India has diverse geographical features ranging from ice-covered glaciers and deep valleys to deserts and rain forests, which create different seasons.

b) The recent international macroeconomic projections by the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service reveal that India will become the third-largest economy in the world by 2030. Not to mention the fact that it currently is, the fourth-largest economy in the world.

These factors (and a host of several others) make India a great destination for an international relocation – whether out of choice or compulsion. However, to enjoy the limitless opportunities this great destination offers, one needs to keep an open mind. And that’s the key to quickly adapting and settling in India as well.

Debunking the myths about India

The first step towards ensuring a quick and comfortable settlement in India is to let go of all preconceptions you have of the nation. Don’t let false impressions or stereotypes ruin the experience for you even before it has begun. The truth is, settling in India — living and working in the nation — can be exciting, rewarding, and well, romantic!

Read more about the common stereotypes and myths about India, as well as the truth behind those here and here. Want to make the myth-busting more interesting? Indulge in it with a dose of funny here.

Done? Good! You’ve just completed the first step towards adapting, adjusting and settling quickly in your new country – India. Let’s take a look at the remaining steps.

    • Know what to expect in India

We’re talking about the specifics of settling in India – such as scouring for the right accommodation (in case you’d like to upgrade from the one provided by your employer), hunting for schools for the kids, adjusting to the work environment at your new office, adjusting to the ‘Indian’ way of life in your new community, and so on.

A good idea is to note down exact situations where you anticipate a problem so that you can promptly make arrangements to tackle the same. The ‘right’ international moving company will come to your rescue, with comprehensive international moving services and not just the basic packing and shipping to India. You will find end-to-end support ranging from help with visa and immigration to work orientation, which will ease the process of settling in India.

    • Stop comparing things to your ‘bubble’

Yes, life seemed easier back at home for you. Yes, life is different in India, to say the least. But guess what, no one ever grew nestled inside their comfort zone. Getting comfortable with discomfort is paramount to being successful. You only pull yourself back by making comparisons with how things were in your country. Embrace the change so that you are able to imbibe the positives from the culture in India.

    • Immerse yourself in the local culture

Plunge yourself into the local culture and you will never feel like an outsider again. This will also make the process of settling in India more exciting for you. Participating in host culture is in fact, the difference between surviving like an expat and thriving like a compatriot.

To prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed, start with baby steps. You could attend a local function, celebration, festival, or sporting event. Heck, even finishing daily chores on your own will help you immerse yourself in the new culture. As you run errands throughout the day, you will learn of the special way of doing things, the quirks if you will, of the local people. And by doing things the same way, you’ll be able to quickly adopt the local culture.

    • Adopt the local language

Ah, language! Rather, the local language. It is another one of those things that make you a well-loved compatriot, instead of a mere expat.

While English will remain the primary language for you, you will do well by learning a part of the local lingo. Your local Indian friend can be your guide here as well. Or, you can use the Internet to get familiar with the local language in your new city. Knowing basic phrases of the most widely-spoken Indian languages such as Hindi (all over North India), Kannada (Karnataka), Tamil (Tamil Nadu), Telugu (Telangana & Andhra Pradesh), and Marathi (Maharashtra) and using them where appropriate is another great way of adjusting and settling comfortably in India.

    • Always be learning

Keeping an open mind about the new place, and actively researching, understanding, plus embracing the idiosyncrasies, are all it takes to make the best of your stay in India! It helps to bear in mind that the more you learn about the new nation; the more you grow as a person and in your profession. For instance, you can combine your deep knowledge of the ways of the West with the new-found knowledge of the ways of the East, and can leverage both to reach all professional goals. How great is that?

‘Namaste India’ with Globe Moving

“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.” French scholar Romain Rolland.

We, at Globe Moving, help you relocate there with ease and comfort, standing by your side every step of the way. Our comprehensive international moving solutions cover everything from packing or shipping to India to providing orientation tours and cross-cultural training for settling quickly and comfortably in India. Anticipating a move anytime soon? Go with Globe Moving!

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