The Pros Of Relocating During Peak & Non Peak Moving Season

The Pros Of Relocating During Peak & Non Peak Moving Season

When wanting to move to a new home, regardless of whether you are planning a local or an international move, it’s highly crucial to organize and plan your move appropriately. Scheduling the ideal move date is one of the most important aspects to consider.

An estimated 60-70% of people who move within a calendar year usually plan their moving dates during the summer and spring season. The primary reason for this is the nicer weather and because school is on a long-annual vacation. Since this is considered as the peak moving season, moving companies are usually extremely busy this time of the year, making it difficult for homeowners to find good packers & movers to who have the availability of crew and vehicles.

Before you book your next move, take a look at the below article on the pros of relocating to a new home during peak and non-peak moving season.


Nicer weather – relocating during monsoons or freezing temperatures is definitely not the best idea for a pleasant, stress-free move to your new home. The nice weather in late spring and summer promises safe and efficient driving, a high level of comfort and a minimum risk of accidents due to slippery driveways, wet roads, or frozen hands and feet.

Free time– many people take their paid leave from work during the summer months which means there will be more friends and relatives who have the time and can help you with your move.

School year – children would have just completed a year of their education and the summer vacation provides a good chance to relocate. It also helps them find a decent new school and start the next school year afresh.

College – an ideal time for college students to move out.

Moving sales – when moving in nice weather, you can easily organize a garage sale to get rid of the items you will no longer need and to pocket some extra money.

Real estate market opportunities– like it or not, there are many more houses for sale in the spring than in the autumn and you have a greater choice when searching for an ideal home of your choice.


Discounted moving costs – most moving companies offer great discounts for moves during the off-peak season to attract more customers. Therefore your move becomes considerably cheaper when you move during the off-season.

Convenient dates available – you can reserve packing, pick-up and delivery dates based on your convenience as the movers are not too busy and will probably be able to accommodate your exceptional demands.

Ample availability of time – you will be able to arrange everything by focusing upon details related to your relocation according to your desired time frame. This ensures that you get plenty of time to organize every aspect of the moving process without being constrained for time. You can avoid hasty decisions and chaotic actions that may have severe consequences for your entire moving experience.

Wider choice of reliable movers – You certainly will have the advantage of choosing and hiring relocation services of competent and trustworthy moving companies and may not deal with less experienced movers and not so reliable moving equipment during the peak season. Hence, by choosing not to move during the peak season, you are able to secure the services of any reputable moving company that you may find appropriate for your exceptional relocation needs.

Safe and fast shipment – as the roads are not so busy in the winter, the chances for traffic jams that may delay the moving truck while transporting your belongings are rather minimal.

If you have the liberty to choose a moving date according to your preferences, weigh carefully the above pros and cons to reach an informed decision. Happy Moving!

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