Things To Do Before Unpacking

Things To Do Before Unpacking

Relocating to a new home is a tiring process that involves numerous steps such as researching a professional and trustworthy moving company, organizing things, cleaning the old house, and ensuring that the entire relocation process is smooth and trouble-free.

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Once you reach your new home, you still have many tasks ahead of you that need to be taken care of. The major task, however, is unpacking. Some people find unpacking to be a fun activity, while some feel that it is a time-consuming and tiresome process. Whatever your thoughts may be regarding unpacking, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start unpacking your things.

Take photographs of the new home

It is always a good idea to take photographs of your new home before you move in and unpack your things. It is very useful especially if your new home is a rented or leased property. Taking photographs of the house before unpacking allows you to inspect if the house is in good condition. We can refer to these photographs later if we decide to move to a new place. It will help us determine if any part of the house is damaged during your stay and allow you to make the necessary repairs before you move out.

Replace old locks with new ones

Safety is a major concern when you move someplace new, especially if your new house is a rented property. It is essential that you replace all the old locks with new ones. This will ensure that your new home is safe for your family.

There are various types of locks available in the market today. You can choose the one that you best suited for your needs. If your new home is equipped with an alarm system, you must change its code or password as soon as possible. Once the locks are changed, you can start unpacking in the safety of your new home.

Check meter readings and change passwords

Every house has a meter to determine the consumption of electricity and it is very important that you check the readings before you unpack your things. It will allow you to check if the readings are accurate and also help keep track of the electricity consumption. Many meters are password protected. You must change the password as soon as possible to avoid misuse or tampering.

Walkthrough the new home and visualize where to keep our things

Before unpacking, you should walk through your new home and visualize where you will place your furniture, curios and other articles. Having a mental map of where you wish to put your things will help in expediting the unpacking process. It will also help you prioritize and organize items that need to be unpacked. Pro Tip: Take the measurements of your furniture when packing, that way you can use it to check if the furniture will fit into space in your new home.

Keep children, pets, and elderly people at a friend’s place

Elderly people, children, and pets are most likely to feel uncomfortable during the unpacking process. There is also the chance that they may get hurt accidentally as there will be many items lying around the house. A good idea would be to ask a friend or relative to have them over their place where they can be comfortable and out of harm’s way. Once your unpacking is over and the things arranged properly, you can bring them home.

Identify what to unpack and what to store

We will have many packages to unpack once we reach our new house. A smart thing would be to identify which boxes should be unpacked first. We can start by unpacking the essential items such as toiletries, medicines, basic kitchen utensils, and cookware, and so on. Unpacking a few linens for the beds is also recommended as we’ll need it for sleeping. The items that are not required right away can be stored.

Ask moving crew to unpack all items

Instead of unpacking all the boxes by yourselves, you can ask the moving crew to unpack your items. Almost all the professional moving companies provide this service. This will also give you a chance to check for damages and claim insurance if necessary (if any). Unpacking is a challenging and stressful task and having the moving crew unpack the items can lift a big burden off your shoulders.

Remove all packing debris

Once all the items are unpacked, you will be left with a lot of debris from all the packing boxes. It is important that you clear this debris as soon as possible so that it doesn’t harm anyone. The house can be cleaned and made dust-free.

Hire a handyman to fix things

Many of your items such as sofas, beds, tables, etc. might have been dismantled during the relocation process. Reassembling these items can be difficult without professional help. These services may not be part of the standard offering of a moving company. However, many of the moving companies may offer handyman services as an additional service. Hence, it is better to avail of such services or have a handyman to fix these items. A handyman can also take a look at the house and fix anything that requires tweaking or repairing.

Following these basic steps can help a long way in the unpacking process. Settling into a new home can be quite overwhelming, especially if we have a large family. We must plan the unpacking of our items in the same way we plan their packing. Overlooking a small aspect can make us disorganized and lead to chaos, which will make this process time-consuming. Quick and efficient unpacking will help us get settled and comfortable in our new home in very little time.

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