Things To Do During Moving

Things To Do During Moving

There are many steps involved in intercity or international relocation. One of the most important tasks is to find a trustworthy and professional intercity moving company to move your household items from your old home to your new home. Once you finish sorting, organizing, and packing your things, the next stage is moving your items to a new home.

By the time you finish all the pre-moving activities, you will be quite exhausted. However, that is only one part of the entire relocation process. The next part includes actually moving to your home. There are numerous things to be done on a moving day.

Here is a list of things you should do during moving that can help your relocation process easy and stress-free.

Keep important documents at hand

Important documents such as passports of family members, air tickets, medical records, marriage certificate, travel insurance, documents related to your pets, and identity proofs must be kept with you at all times. Keeping these documents at hand will save a lot of time at the airport and immigration. You should also make copies of all the important documents for safety, in case of loss or theft of the original ones.

Keep Medicines and first aid kit handy

Accidents can happen during moving, long journeys can sometimes cause health problems for certain individuals or you may not immediately find the medicines that you need at the destination you are moving to. So always keep your medicines and first-aid kit handy or in a safe place before you start the packing and moving process. Your first-aid kit can contain basic medicines for headaches, airsickness, fever, upset stomach, cotton, and a band-aid.

Meet the moving crew and supervise the load-in

It is vital that you meet the moving crew before starting loading your things. Check their identification details to ensure that they are members of the company hired by you. Once your verification is over, you can supervise the loading of your items. Proper supervision ensures that your boxes are arranged properly and safely to avoid damages to your things.

Have a clear packing plan

Have a clear plan of what items should be packed, not to be packed, donated or discarded. Also, have a clear idea of your budgets and allowances and decide what items should go by road, air, sea, and storage. It is also essential to give the packers and movers clear instructions as to what should be packed first and what should be packed last.

Watch the time

The packing and moving can be time-consuming with many things to do in very little time. Ensure you complete as many activities as possible before the start of the packing. You should also avoid any lunch and dinner invitations during the packing and moving process. You can get very exhausted or these activities can consume more time than you imagined and can add unnecessary stress to your move.

Avoid too many vendors

When moving out in addition to packing, you may have many other tasks to complete like electrical, plumbing, masonry, repainting, utility disconnection, etc. There is always a tendency to call multiple vendors at the same time to complete all the pending tasks. However, this can sometimes be a bad idea as you may not be able to focus on all tasks and this can add unnecessary stress. Also with too many people at home at the same time, if things can get lost or damaged, you may not know who was at fault.

Ensure all boxes are labeled

Check if all the boxes are labeled properly. Labeling them will help you at the time of unpacking and also alert the movers and cargo handlers if there are fragile items in the shipment. It will help in the verification of your items once you receive them in your new address. Labeling the boxes also saves a lot of time while unpacking them. You can pick the box that is most important by looking at the label.

Record utility meter readings

You should record all utility meter readings. This generally includes meter readings for electricity, water, and gas. Ensure that all your dues are clear to avoid facing difficulties in the future. It is recommended that you take photos of the meters for your reference.

Final check before moving out

In the confusion of packing, loading, and moving, it is quite possible that you may leave an item behind. Once the loading is complete, you should check every room to ensure that nothing is left behind. This way you can be sure that you have everything you need. Also, make sure that all the windows and doors are locked. Ensure that all electrical equipment such as fans, bulbs, lights, air conditioner, heater, etc. are turned off. A final walk through the house will help determine if everything is in order and avoid any disaster or accident.

Take inventory list and receipt from movers

Another important step in the relocation process includes taking the inventory list and the bill or receipt from the movers. This is very useful while unloading your boxes. This makes it easy to keep an account of your things and ensure that no item is missing or damaged.

Ensure your pet’s safety

If you have a pet, you must take the necessary steps to ensure its safety. Provide the pet relocation company with detailed information such as your name, your new address, mobile number, etc. so that they make contact you easily. If your pet is traveling with you in the flight cabin, ensure that its crate is placed safely so that your pet is comfortable during the flight.

Relocating to another city or country can be an exhausting and challenging task. There are numerous things to be done before moving to another destination. You can prepare and plan for the move, but the actual moving day can be quite challenging and overwhelming. There are many things to be checked to ensure that everything is taken care of. The tips mentioned in this article should help and guide you on what to do during a move and help you relocate in a stress-free manner.

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