How to Prepare for Customs Clearance During International Moving

How to Prepare for Customs Clearance During International Moving

Moving internationally is a big event and can be quite stressful. One of the major concerns that people have while moving to another country is clearing customs. The processes and documentation involved in customs clearance are complex and require your complete attention.

A small error can cause multiple problems with customs clearance. Heightened security in several countries has made customs clearance a complicated and challenging task. However, there are certain ways in which you can prepare for customs clearance during an international move.

Get information about customs regulations of the country of your move

The first step in simplifying the customs clearance process is to get all the information about the country where you wish to move. Each country has different customs requirement and it is important that you know about these rules and regulations before moving to a new country. The more information you have the better prepared you will be. Any oversight can cause serious problems in an international move.

Hire an international mover

Moving to a different country can be very challenging. It is essential that you partner with reliable international movers who have thorough knowledge about customs clearance, taxes, duties, and so on. A professional international mover would always give you accurate details about customs clearances, duties, and taxes related to the country where you plan to move. There might be instances where you would have to contact the customs office for additional information. However, most of the tasks related to clearing customs are taken care of by the mover.

Prepare documents for customs clearance

You must ensure that your documents for customs clearance are arranged properly. The most common documents required for customs clearance include your passport and visa, forms related to importing goods, and an inventory or list of goods being shipped. The necessary forms and documents can be easily attained from the Internet or the appropriate embassy. Alternatively, you can also take the help of reliable brokers or agencies to help you through the customs clearance process. However, you must be careful while choosing such agencies as many of them turn out to be fake. 

Make a list of restricted items

Being aware of the things that can be put under the ‘restricted’ or the ‘prohibited’ list is a crucial aspect of moving to a different country. These items usually include alcohol, food items, medicines, sharp items (such as knives, scissors, etc.), firearms, hazardous items (such as washing detergents, harmful chemicals like insecticides), and automobiles.

Special permits or licenses are required to ship such goods and these goods are often subject to taxes and duties. Without proper documentation, the authorities can levy heavy fines and can cancel your entire shipment. Therefore, you must be extra careful while shipping such items. Having a list will enable you to determine which items should be labelled as ‘restricted’ and help in completing your customs clearance smoothly.

Label packaging boxes

It is a good idea to pack your goods in carton boxes and labelling them. Labelling the boxes will help in inventorying your items to show what each box contains. This is very helpful for international relocation and customs clearance. An unlabelled box can raise a red flag that can cause serious problems such as heavy fines, seizure of goods by the authority, delays and more. To avoid facing such issues, you must allow the movers to pack your goods as they are more experienced and would have a better idea about labelling the boxes to meet the requirements of customs clearance.

Check for rules and regulations for moving pets internationally

Moving pets internationally is not an easy task. Thorough planning and research are required for the best way to move your pets to a new country. Researching pet import laws of the country to which you are planning to move is very crucial. It will tell you what vaccines your pets would require if there is a quarantine, or whether your pets should be microchipped (To know more about microchipping pets, check: (

You should also consult your vet about how to prepare your pets for a long journey. You can also hire international pet relocation companies to ensure your pets’ safety and comfort. These companies are also aware of international regulations regarding pet relocation and can be a great help.

Clearing customs is a major step in a smooth international relocation. Most first time customers moving do not have experience in an international relocation. Following these basic procedures can guarantee a smooth relocation with minimum hassle.

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