Things to Remember When Shipping to India

Things to Remember When Shipping to India

Shipping is a major element of the relocation process. Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding shipping of goods from a different country. India is no different. The Indian customs too has its own rules and regulations that must be taken into consideration while shipping goods to India. There are several other factors you should consider to avoid difficulties in shipping your goods.

Find an effective method of shipping

Compare different means or methods of shipping available. You can either send your goods by sea or by air. Shipping by sea is much less expensive (for a large volume of goods) than shipping by air. However, it is only possible if you have enough time at your hands.

On the other hand, shipping by air ensures that you receive your goods on time but at a higher cost. You should take into consideration factors such as time and cost of shipping while choosing the method of shipping your goods.

Find a shipping company that has a base in India

Partnering with a shipping company that has a base in India is a wise decision. Hiring a shipping company that has offices in India will ensure minimum or no hiccups in the shipping of your goods. A reliable moving company will guide you through the shipping process. They will inform you what you can or cannot send. With the help of this guide, make your move to India a memorable one.

Professional movers and packers keep themselves updated about the import/export laws that can help avoid any mishap in the shipping process. Their partners in India will have a good knowledge of the country’s infrastructure (roads, railways, waterways, etc.) and can deliver your goods in the shortest time possible.

Ensure that the receiver has necessary details

The receiver of your goods must have all the necessary details related to the shipment. If you plan to receive the items personally, ensure that you carry all the necessary documents for customs clearance. Failing to produce the necessary documents at the customs office will force officials to hold your goods and will delay the delivery of your items.

Check for restricted or prohibited items

There are certain goods that are ‘restricted’ or ‘prohibited’ for importing to India. Like many countries, India too has strict rules and regulations about such items. You must be aware of or have a list of the items that fall under these categories. Read more about Indian Import Regulations, Transfer of Residence to India and Unaccompanied Baggage to India

Most international moving companies have a list of ‘restricted’ or ‘prohibited’ items and can guide you during the relocation process. Some of the items in the ‘prohibited’ category are narcotic drugs, pirated goods, the meat of wild animals, and exotic animals among others. The ‘restricted’ goods category mostly includes firearms and ammunition, gold and silver (other than jewelry), child gender test kit, sand and soil, inorganic chemicals and more.

Shipping goods to India is not very difficult. India, like several other countries, has its own set of rules and regulations and being aware of these laws can help avoid any difficulty that you may face during shipping goods to India. Here are the common Challenges Faced By Expats When Moving To India.

As mentioned earlier in this article, hiring an international shipping company that has offices in India helps in the smooth shipping and delivery of your goods. Professional movers and packers have the expertise in shipping goods to different countries and can guide you through the dos and don’ts of international shipping.

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