Things to Do After an Office Move

Things to Do After an Office Move

Moving offices affect all businesses, both small and big. Any office relocation is a major change and needs detailed planning and preparations. The process of moving an office can be broken down into smaller tasks for a smooth transition.

After weeks of planning and preparing, you finally move into your new facility. However, there are a few things that need to be taken care of before settling into your new office.

Here is a list of all the things you need to after an office move.

Have a walkthrough of the old office and take photographs

Once all the items are moved to the new office facility, have a walkthrough of the old office to ensure all items are moved and also to gauge the condition of the facility. Take photographs of the old office once it is cleared and all items are moved. This will give you an idea if anything needs to be repaired due to damages that might have been caused when you used the facility. 

Check meter readings of the old office as well as the new office

One of the important things you need to do after an office move is to check the meter readings of your old office as well as your new office. This will give you the exact dues pending in your old office and also help you calculate the new billing cycle accurately. It will avoid any confusion regarding electricity billing in your old as well as the new office.

Unpack quickly and return unpacking materials to moving crew

During an office move, the moving company uses their own materials for packing. These materials need to be returned to the moving crew once the relocation is complete. It is imperative that you unpack the items as quickly as possible to avoid any delay in returning the unpacking materials to the crew.

Audit the items that have been moved

An office has numerous items that need to be moved. One of the ways of keeping track is to create an inventory list. Once all the items are moved into the new facility, go through the inventory list and audit the items. This will help you determine if any item is missing. It will also help discover any damages that might have been caused during the move.  

File insurance claim immediately, if required

The safety of your items during a move cannot be guaranteed. Some of the items, especially the ones that are big and heavy, might face damages during handling or transportation. You must file an insurance claim immediately, if required, to cover your losses. The sooner you file for an insurance claim, the sooner you will be compensated for your loss.

Create a list of dos and don’ts and circulate among staff and team members

The new office facility will be different from your old one. You must create a list of dos and don’ts to ensure the smooth functioning of the office. Your list can contain many things relating to cleanliness, power saving, parking arrangement, security, food and drinks, and so on. You must share this list with your staff as well as your team members to ensure everyone is aware of the rules and follow them.

Share emergency procedure with your staff

Every office premise has emergency procedures in case of fire, earthquake, or any other emergency to guide everyone to safety. You must share the emergency procedures with your staff so that they may help your employees if there is an emergency in the facility. This will save you a lot of time and ensure everyone’s safety during an emergency. 

The steps mentioned in this article will ensure that your office move is a success. There are a few things to be done after you move into your new office. Following these steps will help you determine what needs to be done for the smooth functioning of your new office. They allow you to determine if all items are moved or if any damage is caused so that you take the appropriate steps to move forward.

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