Things to Do During and After Data Center Relocation

Things to Do During and After Data Center Relocation

Data center relocation requires your data to be moved physically from one place to another. It is an expensive and high-risk endeavor and the decision to relocate your data center should not be taken lightly. It requires detailed planning and preparation for smooth execution.

After carrying out the tasks that need to be completed before data center relocation, comes the actual relocation and things that need to be done once it is completed. There are various steps involved in this process that require special attention.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to ensure your data center relocation is smooth and trouble-free.

Review each step of the relocation in detail

While planning for relocating your data center you must create a detailed list of the steps involved in the process. This list must be reviewed in detail to ensure that each task is carried out efficiently, without any error. A small misstep or an error can lead to an enormous loss for a company.

Confirm all backups are complete

Before relocating a data center, it is crucial to have backup all data. Having a backup ensures its recovery in case of data loss that can be caused by multiple reasons such as technical problems, damage to hardware, and so on. Confirming all backups are complete is an important task to be carried out during data center relocation. 

Unplug and dismantle cables and equipment before moving crew arrives

Moving day is quite hectic and chaotic and organizations must ensure that everything is ready for the moving crew. The manager assigned to oversee data center relocation must ensure that all cables and equipment are unplugged from their ports and ready for the move.

This will reduce last-minute chaos and enable the moving crew to work efficiently and quickly. It will also help minimize downtime and reduce risk to a great extent. Learn Risks of Moving Populated Server Racks During Data Center Relocation.

Ensure de-installation and reinstallation is handled by experienced personnel

De-installation and re-installation of equipment play crucial roles in relocating your data center. A small mistake in this step can result in data loss or damage to equipment. Therefore, it is essential that this task is assigned to the IT specialist best equipped for this job.

They have detailed knowledge about how to unplug and plug cables as well as de-installation and reinstallation of different equipment. They have more experience in handling such equipment and should be entrusted with this task.

Ensure packers and movers pack the sensitive equipment properly

Many data center equipment is extremely sensitive. Even the slightest shock, dust and dirt might cause severe damage to the equipment. Hence it is absolutely essential that the equipment is packed and crated carefully using the special packing materials which protect the equipment in transit against vibrations, shock, dust, temperature, etc.

It is vital that the moving company is experienced in data center relocation and has the appropriate skills, resources, tools, and experience to handle such equipment. The manager assigned to oversee data center relocation must hire a professional moving company, with experience in data center relocation.

Ensure the new facility has backup power

One of the main things to ensure during data center relocation is power backup. It is not possible to start up a data center without power. The manager must ensure that the new facility has power backup in case of power loss. 

If the configuration is suddenly stopped during startup, you may end up losing your entire data resulting in a severe loss for the company. If there is adequate power backup, the configuration will continue even if there is power loss.

Check cabling

After the data center relocation is completed, administrators must check the cables before plugging them in. Administrators must ensure that the cables are not damaged during the relocation process. They must also ensure that the new location has enough power ports to plug in the cable.

Power on and check configuration and connectivity

The final step in data center relocation is powering up and configuration. Once power-up is successful, administrators must complete the configuration and check for network connectivity. Network administrators must switch port configuration and set up firewall configuration.

Without proper connectivity, server communication is not possible. Also, ensure that all external devices are powered up as well. Once the power-on is successful, administrators must check if the operating system is functioning properly. 

Have a backup plan

The final step is to have a backup plan. A backup plan will provide a cushion if there is some failure during the relocation process. Even with proper planning and execution, you can face unseen challenges that can adversely affect the relocation process. 

Having a backup plan will help you face the challenges. It will minimize your losses in case of data loss, damage of equipment, etc. Data relocation is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. Following the steps mentioned above will minimize the risks greatly. However, if you require a smooth and hassle-free data center relocation you must engage a professional moving company.

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