Things to Do Before a Data Center Relocation

Things to Do Before a Data Center Relocation

In today’s times, the success of any organization depends greatly on data. Many companies may need to move to better facilities to keep up with their growing data needs and often relocate their data center to a new location that is better equipped to meet their requirements. However, Data Center Relocation or DCR is not just about moving servers and installing them at a new location. It is a challenging and complex venture that an organization can undertake. There are many steps involved in this process and even a small mistake can have devastating effects that can result in the loss of valuable data, damage of equipment, loss of productivity, and loss of revenue. To ensure that an organization’s data center relocation is successful, thorough preparation and planning are required. Here are some of the things to do before a data center relocation.

Assign experienced personnel to oversee data center relocation

Data Center Relocation is different from usual office relocation and presents challenges that can prove to be quite difficult for employees with no experience in data center relocation. A manager with prior data center relocation experience should be assigned to oversee such an endeavor. An experienced manager can successfully plan and manage the budget and risks associated with data center relocation. 

Evaluate the new location

The selection of a new location for a company’s data center is quite critical and must be selected carefully. Understand what standards of data center (Tier1, Tier2, Tier 3 or Tier4) does the organization follow and prepare a checklist of site requirements.  The new location must also be evaluated carefully to ensure its size and capacity match the company’s current and future data needs. Ensure that the location has the capacity to handle high power loads and internet bandwidth and speed. It is vital that the new facility has power backup in case of power loss to prevent loss of valuable data. 

Have a specialized team for deinstallation and re-installation of equipment

Data center relocation involves unplugging and plugging as well as deinstallation and re-installation of numerous equipment. Without the proper procedures, it can result in huge challenges in the future including loss of valuable data. A team of personnel experienced in data center relocation must be assigned for this task. In most companies, the IT department is more than capable of handling this responsibility. They are well-acquainted with the network and know where the cables are plugged and how the equipment should be installed. They would make the perfect team carry out this task.

Document existing network protocols for a successful transition

Dismantling and re-installing networks and equipment is not as easy as it sounds. Relying on memory alone can result in unexpected problems and lead to a disaster. Any mistake can render the network inoperable and cost a company many hours of downtime. For these reasons, it is important to document every step of the process in detail. This will enable the team to minimize risk and reduce the downtime. The network and equipment can be set up in the new location in a swift manner, with minimum disruptions. 

Follow a strict timeline to minimize downtime

Datacenter relocation is a high-risk undertaking. Expensive equipment can be damaged during transit, valuable data can be lost, or an organization can suffer extensive downtime. To avoid such issues, a strict timeline should be created and maintained during data center relocation. By allotting time to every task, a smooth and trouble-free transition can be executed. This will allow team members to stay organized and avoid last-minute rush. Most importantly, it will minimize a company’s downtime, thereby reducing their losses.  

Hire packers and movers that specializes in transporting data center equipment

A company’s IT department has some of the most expensive and valuable equipment that is critical for the company. Therefore, careful planning and attention are required while choosing a moving company for transporting these goods. Finding a moving company with prior experience in data center relocation is quite imperative. Special attention should be given to the delivery truck to ensure that no damages are incurred during the transit of the equipment and cables. Ensuring the safety of the equipment minimizes risk to a great extent and contributes toward a smoother and successful move. 

Keep management & customers  in the loop

One of the key steps in preparing and planning a data center relocation is keeping the management in the loop. There can be many unseen hurdles that one personnel or a team cannot solve on their own. In such cases, the management can take care of the issue and aid in the smooth movement of the data center. Also, data center relocation is an expensive endeavor and the management must be updated and informed at all times to avoid unnecessary delays. If there is extensive downtime due to some technical issues, the management can ensure that the organization incurs a minimum loss. This is only possible when the management is kept in the loop. It is also important to keep you customer updated on the data center relocation and get their approvals before you execute the move. 

It is seen that data center relocation is a complex and elaborate process. But with careful planning, organizations can ensure that the transition is smooth and successful. Experienced employees and personnel are needed to carry out this endeavor successfully. With the steps discussed in this article, a company can have a better chance of relocating their data center in a smooth and trouble-free manner. 

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