Best International Schools of Bangalore

Best International Schools of Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. With people from different parts of India calling this city their home, Bangalore has the rise of international schools in the last few years. As the IT hub of India, Bangalore hosts a large number of NRIs and expats apart from the local population. Many Indian citizens who choose to return to India prefer Bangalore as the city to settle down. 

As a result, many international schools have opened their branches in this city. These schools follow different international boards such as IB (International Baccalaureate), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education), CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), and so on. When expats and NRIs come to Bangalore they prefer to enroll their children in international schools as they find it easy to adjust in such schools. They meet children from different countries, sometimes from their own country as well. 

To help expats and NRIs find a good international school for their children, we have compiled a list of the best international schools in Bangalore.

Bangalore International School

One of the oldest schools in the city, Bangalore International School was founded by Eloise Bennet in 1969. In the 1960s and 1970s, many American families were living in Bangalore. However, the local schools did not offer an American model of education. That led Eloise Bennet to open a school in India that followed the method of education of the USA. 

The school follows IGCSE and IB curricula and has modeled its teaching approach to the Round Square network of schools. The school is equipped with some of the best facilities to provide superior quality education to its students. Their facilities include a playground, basketball court, swimming pool, fine arts studio, library, computer and science laboratories, cafeteria, student counsellor, and a dispensary among others. 

The school’s main aim is to provide students with knowledge and life-skills that will help in their overall growth. It is one of the best international schools in Bangalore.

Oasis International School

Oasis International School is one of the topmost international schools in Bangalore. A non-profit organization, this school is managed by the Isra Trust. It follows the CAIE curriculum. The mission of this school is to inculcate traditional values in students through modern education. One of the major benefits of this school is its pre-university courses. 

The facilities offered in this school are of high standards. The facilities included are library, computer and science laboratories, playground with cricket pitch, studio for theatre and drama as well as dance and music, dining room, infirmary, field trips, and excursions, and indoor games among others. Oasis International School is considered one of the best international schools in Bangalore.

Candor International School

Spread over 25 acres, Candor International School was founded in 2011. This school follows the IGCSE and IB curriculum to provide high-quality education to its students. While IGCSE curriculum is for middle school, the IB curriculum is for high school. 

This school boasts of excellent facilities and infrastructure that include indoor sports area, basketball and tennis courts, hockey and football field, an athletic track, playground with a cricket pitch, a gymnasium, swimming pool, library, cafeteria, infirmary, and computer and science laboratories among others.

With superior facilities and infrastructure, Candor International School aims to equip students with education and life-skills that will help in the overall development of its students.

Greenwood High International School

Considered to be the best international school in Bangalore, Greenwood High International School is ranked Number 3 among India’s top international schools. Located in the Sarjapur area, this school has a sprawling 22-acre campus with world-class facilities and infrastructure for the overall development of the students. 

Greenwood High follows the IGCSE, ISC, ICSE, and IB curricula with highly trained faculty that impart a balanced program of study without compromising students’ extra-curricular activities. This is evident in their international curriculum in which chess, theatre, fine arts, and performing arts are included. 

Their extra-curricular activities also include tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball, football, student council, environment projects, and math club among others. Their facilities and infrastructure boast of a well-curated library, computer and science laboratories, an auditorium, a playground, cafeteria, medical bay, and boarding. 

With a top rank among international schools in India, Greenwood High is the best international school in Bangalore that supports all-round education of its students.

Oakridge International School

With an 11-acre campus, Oakridge International School is one of the few schools that offer the best modern infrastructure and facilities. The school follows IB curriculum for all classes. Apart from regular studies, Oakridge gives special attention to literature and other creative pursuits.

The school has tied up with many business schools to teach business skills to students. This makes it stand out among other schools and make it unique. One such business school is the famous Columbia Business School. 

Its facilities and infrastructure include digital classrooms, a well-stocked library, play area for younger students, tennis and basketball courts, cricket pitch, skating rink, swimming pool, athletics ring, fitness center, recreation park, multi-purpose antechamber, auditorium, dining hall, infirmary, and clinical psychologist for counselling.  

Stonehill International School

Founded in 2005, Stonehill International school follows the IB and CAIE curriculum. The students have the option to choose between these two curricula. With a 34-acre campus, Stonehill has both daycare and boarding facilities. The school emphasizes equally on academics as well as extra-curricular activities. 

Its state-of-the-art infrastructure includes a well-curated library, 3 playgrounds, play area for younger kids, gymnasium, music room, art studio, computer and science laboratories, 24×7 infirmary, cafeteria, boarding, and equestrian facilities (horse riding). They also promote dance, theatre, painting, and carving. 

It provides an ideal setting for learning and is considered to be one of the best international schools in Bangalore. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities attract students from different nationalities. 

The International School, Bangalore

Accredited by the CAIE and IB boards, The International School, Bangalore hosts students from all over the world. Its superior infrastructure enables the all-round development of the students. Students are encouraged to explore the world and learn through inquiry. This makes learning fun as well as informative.  

Their infrastructure includes a well-curated library, a convention center, science and computer laboratories, an amphitheater, fine arts, and crafts studio, music and dance studios, a gymnasium, and infirmary. Their extra-curricular activities include field hockey, basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, model UN, theatre, excursions, and social and community service.

With its unique approach toward education, the International School, Bangalore attracts many students and is one of the best schools in Bangalore. 

Treamis World School

One of the best international schools in Bangalore, Treamis World School boasts of some of the finest faculties and is accredited to the CBSE and IGCSE boards. High school students have the option to choose any curriculum. This school too uses exploration and inquiry by students as their teaching methodology. 

Their educational program combines academics and extra-curricular activities to provide an all-round education to the students. The school also offers additional coaching such as IIT-JEE, AP programs, SAT, CET, AIPMT, etc. to prepare students for competitive exams.

Treamis is equipped with the finest infrastructure and facilities such as a clean and hygienic cafeteria, free wi-fi, boarding facility, infirmary with certified nurses, a well-stocked library, fine arts and crafts studio, computer and science laboratories, language laboratory, music and dance studios, and open-air theatre. Their sports and extra-curricular activities include swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey, cricket, football, photography, wood carving, pottery, drawing, and weaving. 

With a wide range of activities, a unique teaching methodology, and world-class infrastructure, Treamis World School is considered one of Bangalore’s best international schools.

Canadian International School

Established in 1996, Canadian International School is the only school in Bangalore that runs 100% on solar power. It is accredited by the CAIE and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers IGCSE certification for Class 10 students, while students of classes 11 and 12 are transferred to the IB diploma program. 

Another unique feature of this school is its class strength. They have small class sizes with a maximum strength of 24 students per class. 

Its infrastructure and facilities include computer and science laboratories, specialized math and language laboratories, playground, football field, basketball court, music, and dance rooms, performing arts center, AV rooms, cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, CCTV camera surveillance, student counselling, and boarding facility.

Neev Academy

Among the top 10 international schools in Bangalore, Neev Academy was established in 2005. With five pre-schools and two campuses, Neev Academy has shown tremendous growth over the last fifteen years. This school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum with an option of ICSE in middle school. 

It provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to its students such as naturally ventilated classrooms with natural light, science and computer laboratories, libraries, basketball and tennis courts, football field that is also used cricket and hockey, an indoor gymnasium, and a half olympic-sized swimming pool. 

The teachers at Neev Academy challenge the students intellectually as well as creatively, with the aim to aid in their overall growth.

These are some of the best international schools in Bangalore. The list, however, does not stop here. There are several other international schools that provide superior quality education and all-round development to children.

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