How to Pack Paintings for Sending Overseas

How to Pack Paintings for Sending Overseas

Packing and exporting your valuable painting to overseas is not an easy task. You should carefully pack your paintings or sculpture for sending abroad.

    • Place a tissue paper or butter paper on the surface of the painting

    • If the painting has glass, tape the surface of the glass using cellophane tape across corners & centers in an “X” & “+” mark. If the glass cracks in transit, this will hold the broken glass pieces together & prevents them from tearing the painting.

    • Wrap with bubble wrap for cushioning

    • Wrap with 2 ply corrugated rolls or 3 ply corrugated sheets to provide padding

    • Use picture boxes if available

    • Secure with twine or straps for paintings

    • Mark package with fragile/glass/handle with care stickers (if required)

    • Mark owner name, package number, contents, room & destination on the package for identifications

    • Crating is strongly advised

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