What are Relocation Services and why do you need them?

What are Relocation Services and why do you need them?

Imagine having to relocate life as you know it, and starting afresh in a place you’ve never been before. That too without any professional assistance. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Corporate employees face this every day.

Relocation Services has come a long way over the years. Traditionally, a corporate HR team took care of their staff’s (transferee) relocation. But with the onset of globalization, the need for an exclusive relocation specialist has become quite apparent. Nowadays, corporations outsource transferee’s relocations entirely to a Relocation Companies — usually aiding them with essential details.

Things can become difficult if a transferee tries to single-handedly manage entry into a new country. A relocation company, on the other hand, will first understand the transferee’s (and their families) needs through a need-assessment form. It will cover key areas to help the relocation company better assess the relocation and organize it in a personalized way.

Following this, the transferee will be contacted and the relocation dates decided.

These are the steps that follow:

A look-see orientation visit

Often individuals are relocating to a city that is completely unknown territory. To avoid any surprises that a new city may throw out, a transferee is always advised to go on a look-see orientation, where they’re introduced to life and people in the new city. The purpose of an orientation visit is to familiarize transferees with key elements of the destination like new neighborhoods, office location, the city’s schooling, and living standards.

This is where a good relocation company can be of assistance. Long before arrival, the relocation company will get in touch to understand the transferee’s expectations from the look-see visit. Through their contacts with various agents and services in the city, the relocation company can get things done effortlessly.

Home Search and School Search

Foreign transferees often need to relocate with their entire family. It is important to consider the requirements of their children and partners to ensure comfortable living in the new city. Providing a comfortable home for the family and the right education for their children is most critical for the transferee, but simultaneously managing their official assignments and coordinating meetings with different agencies may cause challenges. This will result in transferees neither being able to make the right choice for their families nor enjoying stress-free work.

A relocation company can assist with queries regarding home search and school search, save time and ensure that the transferees only see homes that meet their personal needs. Relocation companies shortlist properties based on lifestyle, housing preferences, family needs, and financial requirements.

Additionally, they have the contacts to assist with choosing the right schools and also getting the transferees appointments with the schools. Transferees can rest easy and focus only on their project with a professional relocation company backing them and their families for home search and school search.

Visa and immigration

Transferees who relocate to India need to make visa preparations. This may be time-consuming and transferees with work-extensive projects are advised to make use of domestic & international relocation services. A relocation company can help transferees collate their visa and immigration documents in order and apply for the process with ease.

Relocation companies ensure peace of mind for transferees — relocation companies have a set process-flow owing to their regular association with transferees on visa and immigration. Apart from organizing and collaborating for client documentation, they may also provide direct assistance during visa and immigration.

Upon request, relocation companies can track and update visa renewals, coordinate cancellations, and extensions, assist the family with obtaining work permits, and help register at the appropriate consulates.

Foreigners registration in India

In India, it is compulsory for transferees visiting the country for a period exceeding six months to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO). Transferees need to be aware of all the steps involved. With a multiple-entry visa, registration is required only once, irrespective of the number of times transferees leave and return to the country.

A foreigner’s registration should be done within 14 days of arrival at the nearest FRRO. There are FRROs in most major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. For a painless procedure, transferees are advised to show up early, carry all the right documents with multiple copies of the same. Relocation companies who do this on a regular basis assist with all the documentation and educate transferees on the complete process. This saves time, effort and money for the transferees.

Tenancy management

Managing one’s tenancy in a new country can be a time-consuming distraction. Transferees may need assistance with queries and other issues during their stay. Corporates may find it overwhelming to assist individual transferees by themselves with additional administrative hassles caused by lack of resources.

Professional relocation companies can handle tenancy management services like coordinating paying utility bills, maintenance and emergency repairs, managing lease renewals, and acting as the transferee’s representative to a real estate agent and property owner.

Through stringent property and tenancy checks relocation companies can help transferees save money and time on repaying false damage claims. With professional handling their tenancy management, transferees can be free from the stress and administration of property-related issues in the new city.

Departure services

Whether transferee is returning from an international assignment or immediately moving into another, departure services can help lighten the processing load. Since each individual’s requirements vary, one should be aware of all the services they need.

This can help ease the stress of planning and executing a return home by themselves. Departure services are thus as equally important as pre-departure services.

A good relocation company can assist with departure services like lease cancellation, security deposit refund, utility service cancellation and disconnection, and disposal of unwanted items.

For a smooth transition, transferees are advised to work in tandem with a professional relocation company — from negotiating tenancy to dealing with industry guidelines.

By involving a relocation company one can ensure the relocation process will be handled in a well-paced and organized manner. From home disposition to settling into the new city, only professional relocation companies can guarantee safety and efficiency.

With the right relocation services, transferees just have to make sure they’re ready. Everything else will simply fall into place.

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