Challenges Faced By Expats When Moving To India

“The most beautiful country in the world.” – Anonymous

A common concern among expats when moving to India is that they don’t know what to expect in the new country. Is working in India going to be the same as back home? Who to contact for visa and immigration queries? Will the expat family be comfortable? How easy is the school finding process?

In addition to these queries, there are many other misconceptions that hinder foreigners from making the right decisions. Expats think that home finding in India is easy — living costs are expected to be quite low due to the country’s ‘developing’ status.

In reality, the rent in apartment complexes and gated communities is almost as much as premium living spaces around the world. Home finding in India can be challenging for expats!

Every day facilities like a driver or a nanny may be difficult to find upon arrival. Expats may be completely unaware of the visa and immigration scenario in India. Without proper and regular assistance, expats are bound to get lost in the multiple transactions and processes involved thereby finding it difficult to settle down.

What Globe Moving offers

Globe Moving takes care of planning for expats even before they move to India. We provide resources for everyday living, local contacts for immediate help, and even take care of home finding for the expat family. Moving to India? Follow these tips to make your move a memorable one.

School Finding

The biggest culture shock expats and their children face in India are with school find. Expat children are used to the calendar of their home country and it is unlikely that most Indian schools follow the same: St Patrick’s Day and Halloween are just regular days in India and the summer vacation months are different too.

Additionally, Indian schools have many different curricula to offer. Public schools in India follow the structured state government’s syllabus which differs from state to state. On the other hand, private schools provide IB, Cambridge IGCSE, and other local curricula (CBSE and ICSE) which are at par with global education standards. It may be difficult for expats to go ahead with school finding with so many options available and no guidance for the same.

At Globe Moving, we organize a visit to the schools based on the expat family’s requirements. By taking into consideration the child’s needs and his or her expectations from the Indian schooling system, Globe Moving can help expats make the right choice in school find. Our relocation consultants provide parents an in-depth summary of curricula in schools making it easy to choose the best for their children.

Visa and Immigration

Expats may come to India on short-term or long term visas – their projects are 2-3 months or a year-long and are often based in a single location. While nearing the end of their stay, an expat may be given an additional project or they might decide to join a new company. If so, expats immediately have to get their (and their family’s) visa renewed immediately.

In India, this can become a slow and tedious process in which expats don’t have time or resources for – the primary focus of their stay is to work on a project and ensure it finishes on time. Additionally, expats may require additional assistance with home find to accommodate the extended duration of stay.

At Globe Moving, we assist expats with immigration, eFRRO, visa renewal, etc. Our services give them total freedom from the hassles of visa and immigration processes like long waiting times and stressful security procedures. Globe Moving helps expats by personally acquiring necessary documents, communicating with various departments, and following up with the necessary authorities.

Work Orientation

An expat family’s lifestyle prior to their move to India is usually fast-paced. Immediately after clearing visa and immigration expats have to adjust to their new work lives. Sudden changes in their professional lives can be highly disruptive – to themselves and everyone in their household.

While moving to India, it is possible that an expat’s spouse may have to take a break from their own job. They may eventually end up getting bored and frustrated with their new life, due to a lack of things to do and people to meet in the new country. Expats work with a limited time frame on seemingly unlimited projects – continuously engaging other family members may cause excess stress for the expat resulting in productivity loss.

You must remember these Things When Shipping to India.

At Globe Moving, we understand the importance of having a professional working life. Our contacts with local expatriate and meetup groups in the city can help keep an individual engaged and be regularly productive. Post home finding, Globe Moving can also assist expat families in finding part-time job opportunities at the family’s convenience.

India is fast progressing into a first world nation with a definite market and social boom. Expats who are looking to work in India – either with their currently employed company or establish a business of their own – are sure to have a fulfilling time. From handling the hassles of school and home finding, visa and immigration, and cultural assimilation, Globe Moving will assist expats all the way through.

Why hold back when thinking about India? Move your relocation forward with Globe Moving!

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