Five Important Tips for First Time Expats

Five Important Tips for First Time Expats

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The idea of moving abroad for the first time and living the life of an expatriate is certainly a road less traveled. For most first-time expatriates, the initial few months of living abroad could either be too exciting or overwhelming. To help expatriates adjust to living in another country, we will discuss five of the most crucial tips to remember for your first move abroad so that you will overcome the negative feeling and make your first international move a successful & memorable one.

Do your research:

When it comes to the expat experience, there are no such things as confirmed information. You need to be aware that there are no definitive answers and may find lots of conflicting information at times. This is especially true when it comes to getting a resident visa in a foreign country. Every expat who goes through this process has vivid experiences. From the paperwork required to fees structure to the length of time it takes. We can pretty much ascertain that no two people would go through the same experience and no two immigration officials will give you the same information. Nor can you totally rely on any official government websites. So be as prepared as much you can be, and don’t sweat it at the last minute.

Take a preview trip:

Its better advised to visit your new city and spend 1 to 2 weeks in an apartment, experience life there, get to know the weather and later decide whether you want to make the big move or not. This will also help you shape an idea of the realistic lifestyle you will live, what housing is in your budget range, or are there decent schools nearby, etc.

Learn the language:

Often expats have a tough time communicating with the locals. Its always good to learn the local language of where you are going to live. We agree, you won’t be fluent in a month but you need to at least learn the basics to get around. If you don’t speak the local language, you might need someone’s help every step of the way. It’s important to pick up the most commonly used phrases and words, like ‘greeting people’ ‘how much would it cost?’ ‘asking for directions’ ‘asking for help’ etc.

Go out and meet local people & get adjusted to the local food:

The most common feeling that expats will face in their first month of relocation is isolation and some face a tough time getting used to the local food. It is recommended that you give your body a few days to adjust to the new place. It’s beneficial for expats to go out and engage with locals and other expatriates alike, this can help you know and understand the local vibe. Be choosy in trying varieties of local food. This kind of consistent interaction can certainly help you adapt to local living.

Financial & Banking Advice

It is recommended to carry some cash with you, with the help of which you can open a bank account with a local bank. This ascertains that all your transactions or salary credits can take place without any hassles. This will also let you make quick deposits and withdrawals, or use your debit/credit card without incurring a heavy foreign exchange fee. Keep track of your spending and understand your tax obligations.

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