Things to Do During an Office Move

Things to Do During an Office Move

Moving an office can be challenging. It is a time-consuming and complex process that involves detailed planning. It is not easy to move an entire team of staff and employees, along with other items such as office furniture, electronic equipment, etc.

While preparing for an office move, you must aim for minimum distraction and keep things running as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the things you can do during an office move to make the relocation process easy and stress-free.

Ensure team members and staff are not working during the office move 

Office moves are usually done on weekends or at night. Hence the time available is very little for an office moving. You must ensure that team members and staff are not working during office relocation. If your staff is free, they can help in the supervision and moving of the items to ensure a smooth relocation. On the other hand, if they are occupied with work that is not related to the office move, it may cause unnecessary delays. 

Ensure lift and backup generators in the new facility are working

Lifts are most essential during an office relocation. Your office may be on a higher floor and in such situations, your staff and moving crew will need lifts to bring all your things to the new office. Also, ensure that the backup generator is working in case of power failure. Office furniture, electronic equipment, and machinery can be quite heavy and it is not convenient for the moving crew to move such heavy items all the way up to higher floors such as the 8th, 9th, or the 10th floor. You must ensure that the lift and backup generators are working for a smooth and trouble-free office move.

Ensure security check does not slow down activities

Every office premise has security officers and it is their duty to check everything that goes inside the premise. However, this can prove to be quite time-consuming if there is a security check for each and everything you move into the facility. It is recommended that you contact the security officers and make them aware of the move.

If possible, provide them with a copy of the items that are transported to their facility. You can also provide them the information about the moving crew so that they can verify when the packers and movers with your things and allow them to move your things inside. A staff member may remain with the security officers to ensure that security check does not lead to unnecessary delays. This will save you a lot of time and make the move hassle-free. 

Have a lost and found area

With so many people in the office and so many things to move, the chances of things getting lost are very high. It is important to have a ‘Lost and Found’ area where your employees, as well as any outside vendor, may find things that they have misplaced or lost.

Move essential items first

You must prioritize the items that need to be moved first. Essential items such as servers, computers, UPS, etc. should be moved first. Moving essential items will enable you to set up the office and allow your employees to continue their work with minimum disruptions. It will also help in the smooth operation of your business.

Have teams for dismantling and assembly of computers, furniture, etc.

While moving furniture and electronic equipment, most of the items are dismantled for ease of movement. However, these items need to be reassembled before they can be used. Create a team comprising of your staff members/vendors who can efficiently dismantle and assemble these things. Assigning a team for this task will save a lot of time during the move.

Keep a good supply of tea, coffee, and food for staff and vendors

Most of the leg work and heavy lifting are done by your staff and vendors such as the moving crew, the cleaning team, etc. Office Moving is a back-breaking and tiring task and you should ensure that your staff and vendors are looked after and given refreshments at regular intervals. It is recommended that you keep a good supply of tea, coffee, and food. You can offer them lunch and keep a vending or coffee machine from which they can have tea or coffee whenever they want. 

Keep a cleaning team to keep cleaning

It is difficult to keep your office clean during the move. However, one cannot enter the office if there are papers, junk, etc. littered everywhere. It is important to assign a cleaning team to keep clearing these items and clean the office at regular intervals. When a particular section of the office is set up, the cleaning crew can clean that section and make it ready for occupation by team members. This will keep the office neat and organized.

As already mentioned in this article, office relocation is a major project and can be quite daunting, especially during the move. These tips will ensure that your office move is smooth and stress-free.

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