How to Choose Good Storage Packers and Movers?

How to Choose Good Storage Packers and Movers?

When you relocate, you have numerous things that you need to take care of. One of the major concerns is related to the storage of your goods. It is essential to find a reliable and professional packing and moving company that offers storage and warehousing services. However, relocation is not the only reason why people use storage and warehousing services.

Sometimes people wish to de-clutter their homes and require storage for their goods. People also use storage services to store household goods when their homes are being renovated. Apart from domestic purposes, storage and warehousing services are also availed by businesses and companies to store office goods and supplies.

There are many packers and movers that offer storage and warehousing services. Finding a reliable and professional packer and mover that offers high-quality storage services is not easy. Many companies claim to provide the best storage and warehousing services, but it is not always the case. Many moving companies cheat their customers and damage goods by not packing goods properly, not storing goods securely, not using  good storage facilities, not having pest control and so on. Here are some of the things to look out for while choosing a storage and warehouse service provider.


Availing the services of storage and warehousing companies is not cheap. Detailed and thorough research must be done to ensure that you get the best deal. Compare the storage charges levied by different companies and choose the one that matches your requirements. 

If you avail storage services for a shorter time, you are generally charged a larger amount per month. However, if you store for a longer time, the storage charges usually lower. It is important to check the pricing before storing your goods. Ask for a discount, if possible if you pay annual charges upfront. 

Climate-controlled storage

While leasing a storage unit, ensure that it is climate-controlled. There are many items that need to be kept at a certain temperature to avoid damages. These items generally include artwork, antiques, photographs, leather goods, electronic items, and more.

Maintaining steady temperatures and humidity levels ensures your goods are protected from moisture. Moisture in the storage area can cause damages to precious goods. Therefore, storing goods in a climate-controlled storage facility ensures your items stay protected.

Short-term and long-term storage

People might require storage facilities for different durations. Some might require storage for a shorter duration, while some might need it for long durations. In either case, a storage and warehousing company must have both options for their clients. 

You must assess the duration for which you wish to lease a storage unit and check for warehouses that provide both long-term and short-term storage facilities. This will provide you the flexibility to change the duration of your lease if the need arises.

Safety of goods

Ensure the storage facility or the warehouse is safe and secure. Security plays a critical role while leasing a storage facility. Many valuable and precious items might be stored in the warehouse and high security is a priority. You must ensure the storage facility has an 24/7 security and CCTV security system to prevent theft and loss of goods. 

Registered and Insured

One of the ways to determine if a packer and mover is reliable is to check if the company is registered and if it possesses the necessary licenses for packing, moving and storing goods.  Also check if the storage packers and movers facilities are insured to protect their clients’ goods as well as their own.

If a packing and moving company’s warehouse are insured, it proves that the company is professional. It ensures clients that their things are in good hands. The chances of the items being damaged or lost are minimal.

Customer testimonials

To determine if the storage packers and movers are professional and trustworthy, you must read customer testimonials in their websites. Customer testimonials provide information about the company’s services, punctuality, storage facilities, and clients’ experience with the crew. 

If a company has good reviews, you can be assured to receive good quality services. Client reviews provide an insight that is not usually found on the company’s website. These reviews will help you decide if you wish to avail of the services of particular packers and movers.

Expert handlers

You must ensure that the moving crew has expert packers and crew before hiring professional help. A professional moving crew will ensure that your goods are packed and loaded carefully. If you have any item that requires special handling, such as fine art or glassware, the moving crew will use special materials to pack these items. 

Customer care service

One of the factors to check while researching a moving company is their customer support. There are various things that might go wrong during the packing, relocation and storage process, such as delays, damage of items, etc. Having access to customer service can help resolve these problems swiftly. 

These are some of the things you should look out for while choosing a packer and mover for your storage needs. 

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