Moving Tips

Globe Moving's Professional Moving Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

Before Moving
  • Moving a home is not a last-minute job. Plan atleast a month or two in advance to take the stress out of the move.
  • You have a million things to remember and do when you move. Reduce stress by using Globe Moving Move Checklist, keeping a notebook & pen handy to make notes / tasks.
  • Read about the destination city / country living conditions, customs regulations, electrical connections, type of accommodation, visa / travel documentation etc. and make a list of what you need to carry or get done.
  • Moving can be expensive. Set a budget for all your travel, stay and moving costs.
    Ascertain the value of your goods a week or two before you move and arrange insurance 3 days before the start of the packing.
  • Back up your computer hard disk a week before you move.
  • Back up your mobile phone data, whatsapp and photos before you move.
  • Backup contacts from SIM contacts to cloud as your telecom provider may change.
  • Sort, take photocopies and make folders of important documents and health records.
  • Scan all important documents and store them in the cloud / mobile for easy access.
  • Scan and store your vaccination certificate & health records on your computer, mobile
    and cloud for easy access. They may also be required at airports when you travel.
  • Sort and store your valuables in lockers a week before the mover and other vendor come in.
  • Check if the locks and keys to your home are available and working.
  • Clean and Service your Air Conditioners before moving. This will avoid making your new home dirty.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak to the movers and understand every step of the moving process.
  • This will set the expectation right and avoid unnecessary stress later.
  • Sort all your items and decide which items need to move, donated, discarded, stored etc.
  • This is the best time to be clutter free.
  • Get rid of stuff that you don’t need atleast a week or two before you move. It will give you more space and make your actual move much easier.
  • Involve all members of the family in the moving process. Discuss the move plan and exchange thoughts and ideas before the movers arrive.
  • Label each room in your new home, it will be easier for the movers to keep the right boxes in the right room.
  • Make a mental map of where you wish to place each item in your new home.
  • Measure your furniture and see if they fit in your new home before you move them.
  • Obtain permission from your apartment or gated community to park vehicles, use lift and to move in or out.
  • Take photos of your old home and save it for memory.
  • Defrost and clean your fridge 2 days before the movers arrive.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy as injuries can happen on moving day
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged
  • Sleep early as you are likely to have a long and tiring day.
On Moving Day
  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear on the moving day.
  • Keep a writing pad and pen handy
  • Keep few folding chairs handy which you can use as you move to different rooms.
  • Keep an essential bag with medicines, toiletries, chargers, important documents, change of clothes etc.
  • Keep tool box, knives, scissors and tapes handy.
  • Ensure phone and wifi access is available all through the moving process both in old home and new.
  • Avoid cooking on the moving days to reduce unnecessary. Keep disposable plates and cups handy.
  • Avoid lunch and dinner invites during the packing and moving process.
  • Avoid multiple vendors in your home when packing or unpacking.
  • Avoid unnecessary phone calls on the moving day. Keep a pre- recorded message to let your friends and family know that you are moving. “Sorry not able to speak, we are moving our home”.
  • Add a room name when marking boxes.
  • Be friendly with the packers, offer tea and biscuits, they will go the extra mile to delight you.
  • Don’t sort things on the moving day. It will tire you out, delay the move and cost more.
  • Drink plenty of water during the move to keep yourself hydrated
  • If possible avoid alcohol before or during the move. It can add to your stress and exhaustion.
  • Take photos your Home Theatre connection before you disconnect them.
  • Label the wires and chords before you disconnect them.
  • Take photos and label furniture parts when you dismantle them
  • Take photos of meter readings of both your old and new home.
  • Mark and place labels on the side of the carton. You can see it easily when cartons are stacked.
  • Post packing all boxes look the same. Be as detailed as possible when marking carton labels and when preparing the inventory.
  • Use colour coded stickers for easy identification.
  • Before the movers leave check all the rooms, cupboards, basement, attics etc. to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • If you are renting, take pictures of your empty apartment. Not all landlords are honest and transparent. Some may try to claim damages or cleaning costs and keep some or all of your security deposit.
  • Disconnect utilities and connections
    Post: Take photos of your old home after you move out. Take photos of your new home before you move in. Store them on the cloud for easy access.
Before you Move into Your New Home
  • Fumigate your new house before you move in as the home may not have been used for long and there could be infestation in the drains.
  • The stress levels can be very high when you move into an unfinished house. Move in only after all the work is complete.
  • Obtain telephone and other utility connections before you move in
  • Deep clean your new home
  • Ensure all toilets are working well and there are no blocked drains.
  • Ensure all lights, fans, AC, Smoke Detectors, appliances and plug points are working well.
  • Change the locks if required as you never know if anyone has duplicate keys.
  • Get A Security System Installed
  • Make a note of the meter readings.
  • If other vendors are required on day of delivery, please inform them in advance.
On Delivery Date
  • Get to your new home well before your movers arrive. Make sure the house is ready for delivery of your goods.
  • Obtain permission for parking vehicles, using lift etc.
  • Provide clear instructions to movers as to which furniture / carton should be placed in which room.
  • Unpack the essential items first.
  • Clearly identify a place to keep small and essential items as they are most likely difficult to find when you need them.
  • Unpack all the items when the movers are present. Trying to move boxes or unpack them later can be highly frustrating and tiring.
  • It is worth paying the movers for an extra day of unpacking as it will enable you to settle down faster.
  • Ensure the movers take away all the boxes immediately after the move. This will give you space and make the move feel complete.
After you move
  • Update your address and contact details with banks, insurance companies etc.
  • Inform Your Friends About Your Move
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“This has been the best packing experience we had in 35 years, Everyone very efficient, professional and carried out the task within time with a big smile.”
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Client’s Testimonials

Celebrating smiles across miles: Feedback from our satisfied customers