Top 10 Things to Expect When You Relocate Internationally

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Relocating to a different country for a career change, academic opportunities or family needs have become very common. Moving abroad can be quite challenging yet exhilarating at the same time. It will affect our lives deeply and we must be prepared to face and accept the changes that are part-and-parcel of relocating internationally. Learn more What are Relocation Services and why do you need them?

Our lives can seem difficult for some time, but it will shape us and help us grow as individuals. We will face many changes when we move abroad and here is a list of some of the things to expect when we relocate internationally.

  • Changes in lifestyle

Relocating to a new country will definitely have an impact on our lifestyle. The country we move to might have different climatic conditions, culture, food, language, working conditions, etc. It is essential that we understand and respect these differences. Accepting and adapting to these changes will enable a smooth transition and help us settle into our new environment in a stress-free manner.

  • Cost of living

Cost of living plays an important role, especially if we are planning to relocate to a foreign country. Our cost of living depends on our income. Therefore, it is important to find out our regular costs such as house rent, average electricity bill, and other monthly expenditures. Once we get an idea about our expenses, we can negotiate a salary that will match our cost of living.

  • Language barrier

    One of the major challenges faced by people in a foreign country is the language barrier. Even though English is a popular foreign language, it is not the official or spoken language in many countries. It is important that we learn some basic words and phrases of the official or spoken language of the country before relocating there. It will help a lot in communicating with the local people, especially in shops and markets. We cannot expect everyone to speak English, but we can try to learn their language. It will improve our language skills and add to our list of achievements.

  • Culture Shock

    Every country has a unique culture and heritage. When we move abroad, we will experience many things that would be very different from our culture. It might come as a shock or an unpleasant surprise. In some countries, the food may not be to our liking, whereas in some countries we may not approve of the way people are greeted there. However, we must respect their traditions and try to adapt to our environment. It is wise to do research on the culture, food, and customs of the country to where we would relocate. It will enable us to understand their culture better and help in our smooth transition. Sometimes moving back to our own country can also lead to reverse culture shock.

  • Visa conditions

    Visa and work permits are most essential for legal employment in a foreign country. It is important that we have a legitimate job offer or employment contract before applying for the relevant visa. Most employers take care of visa formalities for their current or prospective employees.

  • Relocation cost

Relocating internationally can be a costly affair. Moving to a different country requires hiring reliable and professional international packers and movers . However, the cost of international relocation is quite high and the prices vary from one moving company to another. A thorough and proper research will help us find a reliable moving company that provides a good package at a reasonable price. (Learn more: How to Choose the Best Packers and Movers?) This cost must be taken into consideration while planning our relocation. Sometimes, it is cheaper to move during non peak moving season. (Learn more: The Pros Of Relocating During Peak & Non Peak Moving Season)

  • Career prospects

It is very important to have a legitimate job or job offer before moving to a new country. As already discussed, the cost of living in a foreign country can be higher than our home country. Having good career prospects will definitely help us lead a comfortable life. We must research our future employer, work ethics of the organization, scope for promotions, etc. before relocating. Researching these areas will give us insights about the organization and help us assess if their work culture matches ours

  • Creating social network

When we relocate internationally, we leave behind our friends and families. Without a social network, one may feel isolated and lonely. We can remove our sense of loneliness by proactively engaging in activities organized by our company, attending social events in our area, joining clubs or courses, etc. 

If we have some friends already living in the city to which we have relocated, we can meet them and renew our friendship. We can also reach out to fellow expats with common interests through various websites and arrange meetings with them. 

Meeting like-minded people and establishing social time can take a while and it is important that we reach out to people. Without friends and acquaintances, we can end up being isolated, lonely, and sad.

  • Selling or renting existing property

One of the things we need to consider while moving abroad is our existing property. Some people may live in rented houses, while some may have their own houses. Deciding how to manage our existing property is an important task. If we own a property, we can either give it for rent or sell it. We must look at the pros and cons and get advice from our friends and family members before coming to a decision. 

  • Smart packing

One of the major aspects of international relocation is packing. Many people find it difficult to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Though there are some things or items that might not be available in a foreign country, it does not make sense to ship all our items. It is important that we pack lightly and discard unnecessary items. The less luggage we have, the better organized we’ll be. 

Packing and shipping our items is a big challenge and we’ll face a similar difficulty after we receive our items and unpack them. Therefore, we must pack smartly and take only the necessary items. 

These are some of the major things that we must look out for while relocating to a foreign country. It will help in our smooth relocation and transition.

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